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Sudown Towns in Alabama: Oneonta

8 Sundown Towns In Alabama You MUST KNOW

Introduction The reality of sundown towns in Alabama is a piece of American history that deserves our attention. A sundown town refers to any community that used policies, both official and unofficial, to exclude Black people and other minorities after dark, often under threat of violence, arrest, or death. This concept was depicted in the … Read more

Sundown Towns In Arkansas

11 Sundown Towns in Arkansas that You Must Know in 2024

Introduction Looking into the history of sundown towns in Arkansas unveils an unsettling aspect of the state’s past. The Black population after the Civil War in Arkansas had finally gained their freedom and the right to vote. However, they soon faced new challenges. Jim Crow laws that rose in popularity across southern states during 1890s … Read more

sundown towns in Illinois

10 Sundown Towns In Illinois that are Important to Know

Introduction Home to the city of Chicago, the city of brotherly love, Illinois is a state with a notably less celebrated history – namely the massive amount of sundown towns in Illinois. Less known than Al Capone and the Chicago Bears: sundown towns—areas where discriminatory practices once barred people of color after dark. They were … Read more

Sundown Town in Georgia

9 Sundown Towns in Georgia you must know

Introduction Atlanta is not Georgia and the history of sundown towns in Georgia can help Black travelers understand some of the challenges that still persist in the state today. When traveling or relocating to a destination, it’s essential to understand how safe and welcoming that location truly is. For Black travelers, this legitimate concern is … Read more

Florida Sundown Town

9 Florida Sundown Towns you should be aware of in 2024 (Updated)

For many years Florida sundown towns were not an uncommon place to come across when traveling. A sundown town is an American term for an all-white municipality or neighborhood that practiced a form of segregation by excluding people of color through restrictive covenants, zoning laws, or intimidation.  Such towns were usually established to maintain white … Read more

Sundown Town

What is a Sundown Town? A Dark History of Exclusion

Few Americans know the term “sundown town,” yet the phenomenon is ubiquitous in our country’s history. So what is a sundown town? It is any municipality that uses intimidation to deliberately exclude non-white people from its borders after sunset. We will explore the history of sundown towns. Their impact on American communities. They continue to … Read more

25 Black History Facts You Probably Never Knew

There are many unknown black history facts that are not taught in schools and are sometimes purposely overlooked to white wash American History. In this blog post, we will be discussing 25 things that you probably never knew about African Americans and there contributions to the country but also the trials and tribulations they faced. … Read more