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Introduction to Black Travel Groups – Do you like adventure, exploration, chilling, partying and/or just living your life to the fullest? Do you want to travel with a like-minded community that not only gives you a sense of belonging but also a sense of protection as you see the world?

Also, if you are a black traveler, and intimately familiar with potential issues you can encounter as you travel while black. Then these 27 Black Travel Groups are what you need in 2022:

1. Haywire Weekend

Calling all single black travelers! If you are looking for the perfect combination of luxury travel, island life, and partying. Then this is the group for you. Haywire Weekend. as they say, “Will give you the best weekend of your life!”. The turn-up and the bottles are real.

2. Wind Collective

If you are a creative traveler. The Wind Collective has been on doing trips since 2017. Their itineraries are impressive. They are a London-based collective that believes in blending travel and creativity.

3. Black Girls Travel Too 

The old narrative of Black women don’t travel is literally obliterated. For all the black women who love traveling, this group is the best traveling group one can get.

It started with an online Instagram profile in 2015 and today their trips and experiences have enriched the lives of hundreds of women. With more than 100k followers. Various trips throughout the year. Be ready for a seamless and enriching travel experience from start to finish.

Black Travel Groups

4. Urban Events Global 

Are you a thrill-seeking traveler? Urban Events Global is a black travel company with overloaded adventure. They host several trips. Including International trips, camp weekends and cruise weekends. Adventure freaks will love their itineraries.

They have hosted International trips in places like Cape Town, South Africa. Where tourists enjoyed the opportunity to explore nature and appreciate the historical culture of the region.

5. Yacht Week East Africa 

Not everyone is a budget traveler. Some travelers prefer luxury over everything. Yacht Week East Africa is perfect for hosting luxury travel. They also arrange water activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and some yacht hopping. 

Extraordinary activities on the YWEA itinerary are a full moon party and sunset beach BBQ.

6. Tastemakers Africa

Wandering across the continent is not always manageable. With Tastemakers Africa, traveling across the continent is fun and easy. Your group travel plans will be a success as Tastemakers allows people of African nations to tell their own stories. 

From Johannesburg to Accra, the outlet details several types of locally-led trips for tourists to select from. They host tours of cities like Dakar, Lagos, and Accra. The authentic experience they provide is a great way for black travelers in Africa to engage with the fractions of their ancestral roots. 

7. beGirlWorld

Founded in 2014 in Philadelphia, beGirlWorld has left no stones unturned to empower young black girls to travel and educate themselves about this beautiful world. 

For these girls, travel is a means for inspiring new possibilities through cross-cultural experiences, leadership and future career paths. They accept donations that are continually used to finance passports for their travelers. On their excursions, the black teens are exposed to language learning, culinary arts and other cultural activities.

Black Travel Groups

8. Nomadness Travel Tribe

Nomadness is a forerunner of the black travel movement. It began as a web series in 2011. The founder Evita Robinson started documenting her trips via YouTube after globetrotting. Her work has now evolved into a community of more than 15,000 members and 100,000 passport stamps. 

Apart from the NomadnessTV web series, they plan workshops, yearly travel conferences, events, and group trips via the Nomadness Travel Tribe. They unite like-minded people looking for an alternative to mainstream travel.


9. Travel Noire 

If you wish to unlock your potential, build meaningful relationships, and change the world, Travel Noire has it all! They are in the business of encouraging travelers to discover and experience new destinations, communities, and global opportunities.

Also, they equip their travelers with a roadmap to design a journey of their dreams. They believe in experiencing all that life has to offer, from international travel to exotic trips.

Also the Founder, Zim Ugochukwu built the community as a place for people of color to share their experiences abroad.

10. Black Adventuristas

Veronica Garnett, also the founder of Black Adventuristas is on a goal to encourage more women of color to live daringly. Rock climbing, skydiving, volcano trekking, and other exciting adventure sports are a few activities on the list for her trips.

11. Black Voyageurs 

Moreover, Black Voyageurs is a digital publishing platform and travel lifestyle brand that produces equipment for enthusiastic voyageurs. It is a booking platform that curates one-of-a-kind travel experiences to black travelers in destinations around the world.

They bring people together and smash the narrative that keeps them divided by their differences. They are paving the way for considerable cultural impact, by making it manageable for people to connect to culture-oriented adventures celebrating the culture.

12. Passport Posse

Do you wish to travel in crews? Passport Posse is the travel group that you must know about. Shantoya and Willie, two travel addicts, started this group outside of a cafe in Greece. They started Passport Posse from the view to overturn the pessimistic perceptions and encounters that they had suffered as African-Americans in different countries. 

With this empowering message, they organize group tours in incredible destinations like Cuba and Barbados. They create sponsor activities and trips intended to immerse globetrotters in the culture of the nations they have elected to visit.

13. Black & Abroad

Black & Abroad is a travel & lifestyle company that has redefined experiences for the black traveler. They take pride in planning adventure travel moments for black travelers and curating international, culturally conscious luxury. 

The founders, Kent and Eric wanted to see more of their community exploring the world and they wanted to dive into a sense of pride when doing so.

Because of Black & Abroad’s mission, they have been invited to the United Nations to talk on diversity & inclusion and the significance of sharing multiple perspectives within travel. They expose the people to diverse and nuanced narratives within the travel community.

14. Jet Black Travel

Their main idea is don’t just fly, fly jet black. Shunning the narrative of suppressing black lives, they are centered on curating life-changing experiences. 

They plan the entire trip and provide every traveler with an extensive itinerary that defines everything the tour entails. They also give important data to be mindful of in every country they organize tours.

15. Melanin Journey

One-stop destination for wanderlusters, Melanin Journey will undoubtedly inspire you. From Positano to Paris, Accra to Anaheim, get lost in a kingdom of wonder. Melanin Journey takes a voyage around the real globe, calling attention to melanated people across the planet.

16. Melanin On The Map

The Map is a Global Black Business that is involved in curating unforgettable travel experiences. Melanin on The Map is the first travel mobile application devoted to people of color. Their company is all about inspiration, information, and inexpensive travel opportunities.

17. Sisters Traveling Solo

Sisters Travelling Solo was established to empower women to travel and connects, empowers, inspires and supports women travelling solo. Their goal is to support Sisters. They are also aimed at making the minority travel experience a manageable one.  

Cole Banks, the founder of Sisters Travelling Solo is helping to drive the travel culture for black women with unmatched global travel experiences. She says “As women, we need to give ourselves some time. We need to recoup. We must learn who we are, and travelling solo can help us do that.”

18. The Black Travel Groups Club 

If you ever get bored in this world, connect to the Black Travel Club. Whether you are thinking of travelling in a group or solo, it would be a good option to connect with fellow Black travelers all over the globe.

19. Up In The Air Life

Up in the air life helps you explore the world through culture, wine, food and luxury. It unifies luxury travel with the art of connections to create milestones, memories, and charm for people looking to tour the world.

Black Travel Groups – From wine tasting in Italy and France to going on luxury yachts in Croatia, the team deals with each special detail for the ultimate level of luxury and adventure. Their founder, Claire Soares, recently completed a luxury trip to Antarctica at the end of 2021.

20. Green Book Global

Green Book Global is a black travel review platform that was created after the founder, Lawrence Phillips, left his job to travel all 7 continents and 30+ counties in less than year. When looking forward to visiting different destinations, he was nervous about how is blackness would be received. He couldn’t find a platform that provide these types of insights, so he built one.

Black Travel Groups – Their name pays homage to the original Negro Motorist Green Book which was essentially the Black Travel Groups Bible during Jim Crow and Segregation. Similarly, they want to make travel as easy as possible for black travelers around the world.  Currently they have over 5000 crowd sources destination reviews on their website including what it is like Traveling While Black and they ACTUALLY PAY their community members to travel and to leave reviews.

21. You Me Travel Co

You me travel co is a black travel community organized to connect you with travel enthusiasts across the Diaspora. They have created a members-only club just for honest travelers. They have an amazing team of Cool people, places, events & Black-owned businesses. 

Who knows? You might find your next travel buddy, bae, or co-founder.

22. Black Travel Groups Alliance 

The Black Travel Groups Alliance is a group of black travel content creators from all across the world. The three pillars of their community are accountability, alliance, and amplification. As travel bloggers, authors, bloggers, journalists, broadcasters, podcasters, vloggers and social media influencers, they unite to heighten the travel experience.

23. Bucket List Beasts

Established by Sonjia Lioness Mackey, Bucket List Beasts is for people who love adventure and thrill. From diving with great white sharks to bungee jumping and drinking shots of cobra blood, you will be assured of heart-pounding fun. They also plan a secret trip where the location is hidden until you arrive at the destination.

24. Black Travel Summit

The Black Travel Summit is a year-round event celebrating Black travel industry professionals and travelers, with an emphasis on the Millennial and Gen Z audience. It is based in Miami/Fort Lauderdale and has a variety of in-person and virtual events with various panels, keynote speakers etc. that cover a range of travel topics of all things black!

25.Mount Noire

Mount Noire is a travel community devoted to improving inclusivity in winter sports through curating unique experiences and new memories with like-minded people on and off the slopes. Their mission is “Bringing colors to mountains”.

They bring about exhilarating activities, pushing their boundaries and attaining new heights.

26. Certified Africa

If you like to explore and challenge yourself with like-minded people, certified Africa will help you to begin a new adventured journey with an investment twist. 

Their custom group trips help you navigate the unknown while giving you different investments insights and opportunities (like buying real estate) while in the Motherland. They primarily focus on Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania

27. ColorOutside

If you happen to watch “Get Out” one too many times you may be hesitant to explore remote locations and the outdoors, but Nailah Wylie is changing that for Black Women. Creating a safe place for black women to explore the outdoors, be prepared to escape your normal routine and reconnect with yourself like never before with wellness retreats, workshops and coaching.

Final Words

For black travelers, travelling and knowing that our needs will be catered to, sometimes feels like a foreign idea. However, these black travel groups are changing the travel industry and helping to make it a more enjoyable, inviting, and equitable place for black travelers.

Are you a black traveler who is looking for a good black travel group? Well, your question ends here. Try one of these Black Travel Groups and make the most out of your next trip.

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