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5 Ways to Take a Trip Around the World

How are people able to travel around the world or even take a month off to travel and yet I’m seemingly stuck in my situation with no way out?  Did you ever ask yourself this question?

That is what I asked myself one fateful day while I was pulling another, “normal” 15 hour day.  But, if you flash forward to June 11th, 2015, at 7:25 AM I was boarding my Delta flight from Atlanta to embark on my 7 continent gap year (yes that included Antarctica)

Antarctica Penguins



Some questions you may ask:

      • What changed to allow me to take a trip around the world
      • How could I afford a gap year (aka sabbatical typically taken after college but I did after about 8 years of working)?
      • What did I do with my job?
      • How long did I travel the world?
      • Was I in a relationship?
      • Am I rich?


Well the answer to those questions and more can be found in my “5 ways to help you take a trip around the world”. Let us begin!



Oh an before I forget I have apps, tools, tips, and websites that help you accomplish your very own trip around the world so make sure to sign up below to get your FREE information.  OK here we go!!!

 My 5 Ways To Take A Trip Around The World 


5 Save the Money | Get out of Debt – I know you may be disappointed with this as #5 but this is fundamental to taking a trip around the world.  It’s boring and basic but it is true.  I would never encourage someone to travel if it was financially irresponsible, well to an extent.  Some people travel and it allows them to limit their expenses especially if they go to certain destinations in Asia and Africa.  So it’s part of a larger plan. You may have heard the saying Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. The same thing applies here.  So as long as you weren’t doing it on a whim and you have a well thought  out plan to manage your expenses, debt, savings, and income,  a trip around the world while reducing debt may be a viable option for you.


However, it wasn’t for me lol and I would guess this would be the case for most people. Traveling around the world definitely led me to incur more debt!!  However, it was well worth it and I still had a plan.  Plus, I am bit reckless and creative all at the same time lol.  I had a “controlled” amount of debt a decent amount of savings. I also got the government to pay for a portion of my trip.  Yes, my trip around the world was partially paid for!!  Sounds too good to be true???? It’s not!! 

I don’t share this information too lightly though lol. You have to have a pretty high financial IQ. In addition, there are some knuckleheads on the internet so the secret staying within the community. If you want the details of how I was able to get the government to pay for a portion of my trip around the world be sure to join the community using the link below:


But honestly, you really have to make a decision that you want to travel and then let your spending habits follow suit.   I had a basic car, didn’t have fancy clothes, embraced a bit of my Scrooge McDuck and spent about 8 years saving up with the intent of doing this “gap year”.   I sacrificed for travel and you may need to as well.


Even if you are a Travel “Influencer” and you go on a press trip, you are going to have to spend money for something. Again, I have a some tools that can help with getting your money right.  Some you can set it and forget it and some you have to be more intentional. Whatever works for you. Sign up for it above.


4 – Run a Passive Income Business Back Home – If you have an apartment you may or may not be able to sublet it for a profit (check your lease) but if you own a condo or home, rent it via Air BNB.   I know many of us use Air BNB as an alternative to hotels when travelling but seriously consider being on the other side and becoming a host.  That is exactly what I did and on my gap year and thank God for it lol. 


With no job, the amount of money I made via Air BNB really helped me to stay afloat as I was taking my trip around the world.  However, I have a condo, and technically using AirBNB was against the policy.  I had neighbors that couldn’t mind their own business.  In any case lawyers got involved and I had to pay a fine to the condo board. Ouch?!! (If you thought my story was just sunshine and gumdrops, think again lol)


However, if you would ask me if I would do it again, I sure would!! The money I was making from AirBNB far exceeded the fine. I am not recommending that you go against any condo policies though lol I am just about that life.


In addition, I also had a number of rental properties that were helping to supplement my income that I accumulated over the years.  Again, this plan to travel around the world was years in the making, it just did not happen overnight.  I can give you some tools that can help you get your feet wet with first property as well.

3 Make Your Business Travel –  Ready for some gems. There are a variety of jobs you can do part-time or these can actually be your full-time position. In no particular order here are some jobs to consider. Be a Travel Agent, a Flight Attendant, a Traveling Nurse, a Consultant, Teach English Abroad, Work at a Hostel, Work for Peace Corps/Ameri Corps,  or one of the more popular ones, be  a Travel Influencer (Blogger, Vlogger, Podcaster) to help you travel the world.  I can’t go into detail for all of these here but align yourself to an occupation where travel is actually part of your business.


What is popular and what has the lowest barrier to entry is being a Travel Influencer or Creator.  Consider becoming a BloggerVlogger, or Podcaster on Instagram and start to build a niche brand of followers.  Now granted being successful at this is easier said than done but the marketing industry is changing where it’s less about celebrities who recommend products and more about “normal” people who we can better influence consumers. 


Consider joining our Travel Creator Directory and we can help your brand gain exposure, with features, IG takeovers etc with our 100K Instagram followers  while also providing with you with tried and true brand exposure techniques and a premium community of creators to bounce ideas off.



Stay Employed – This is something that people don’t consider but sometimes just staying employed can allow you to see the world. You could literally just wait for vacations and slowly travel around the world.  It’s not sexy, it’s not as cool but it gets the job done.  If you are not counting other people’s passport stamps and living your travel life as best you can, that’s all that matters right?  I did 3 countries (Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria) at the end of 2019 as part of the Year of Return. I stayed employed.


Also, some jobs are prone to having an extensive vacation. I used to work for a very large consulting firm and we got 5 weeks of vacation!! Uh-hum!! I said 5 weeks of vacation. Do you know what you can do with 5 weeks of vacation lol.  I got to check off many countries from my list while being employed.


Additionally, you could even find a job that allows you to work remotely.  We live in a digital age so doing work on laptops and computers can allow you the flexibility.  Just  google “remote work” and you will be surprised all the different options that will rise up.  Lastly, find local work. You can find a job overseas, maybe even if it’s a waiter, teaching English, or working at hostel etc.  You may have to take a risk and just see what’s out there without anything lined up but hey, YOLO. There also some websites where if you work, they provide free room and board too.  


Plane Around The World


1Frequent Flyer Points  – Our number one way to take a trip around the world is using points. Between credit card points, hotel points, and airline points that you accumulate over time, this can be a major contributor to a taking a trip around the world and that was exactly the case for me. So no I am not rich but I planned for years to take a big trip and planned for it by strategically accumulating a variety of points.


I booked a Delta Around the World Ticket with points and that is literally how I was able to travel around the world and go to each continent (had to get a separate flight to Antarctica though).  Back then, it was 180,000 points and there were credit card promos that could give you upward of 100,000 points so you would have needed only an additional 80,000 points to qualify.  Again, this is a long play. I am not saying it would happen overnight but would plan it over years.


Unfortunately, Delta’s Around the World Ticket has been discontinued but don’t worry there is still hope. There are still some very good options to get you some amazing deals on points.  We touch on some of those options in our community newsletter.  Join below!



Honorable Mention – Choose You!!  This is probably the most important way to take a trip around the world. Make yourself the priority. Call it being selfish or self-worth, care more about yourself than you do your job, your bills, even your family [for a period of time..not forever though lol]


We can get so caught up in the rat race we forget about just leaving time for us. Sometimes we need a reset or just a break. Travel is one of the best ways to spend that time. I have had friends take a sabbatical for months and it was their way to reset and realign themselves with God, their spouse and where they want to take their life. Ultimately, you need to decide what is going to make you happy but the core of it is to Choose You!


OK, so you reached the end. Hooray!! Hopefully you have some better insight on how you could travel around the world.  As a FYI, when I did my trip around the world I did everything listed except for #2. I actually almost did #2 and took a local job as a Pub Crawl Guide in Croatia but decided it would deter me from my 7 continent gap year lol.  So I am not just making this stuff up..I literally did it myself.


As detailed as I tried to be I still have tons of other tips and strategies to help you see the world, grow your brand and even start setting up some passive income.  Join our community newsletter and let’s see the world!!


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