2021 Black Travel Survey (Premium)


PREMIUM VERSION – This study surveyed 2,077 black travelers with the goal of understanding Pre-COVID leisure travel habits and how those habits will be impacted by COVID-19.  

A free 60-minute consultation is also included with each purchase to help your organization make data-driven strategic changes. While we do not speak for all black travelers, it is the goal of Green Book Global to amplify the voices of the traditionally marginalized black travel community within the travel landscape. On the following 69 pages, you will discover comprehensive insights in relation to:

  • Travel Spend for Black Travelers Domestically and Internationally
  • Travel Preferences for Black Travelers based on Dollar Spend
  • Travel Preferences for Black Travelers based on Age and Income
  • Impact COVID-19 has had on black travel habits
  • The perception of the COVID vaccine amongst Black Travelers
  • COVID-19 Safety Procedures relating to accommodations and flights that will encourage Black Travelers
  • The intersection of social media, technology, and black travel