About Us

Hi, I am Lawrence and I am the founder and CEO of Green Book Global, the first ever black travel travel review. It is a travel platform that was created after I quit my job to travel to over 30 countries and all 7 continents.


I realized, as I was planning for each destination it took an absorbent amount of time to plan for each city and it was extremely difficult understanding what my experience would be like in destinations as a black traveler.  Even with massive travel sites already in play (you know the ones), it is still hard to find this information and still takes an average of 10-20 hours to plan a trip. 

A picture of myself, wife, our littlest traveler!

A picture of myself, wife, our littlest traveler!

Green Book Global, tries to help ease the burden of these travel pain points with our unique offering where  instead of rating activities you rate your overall experiences in a city. Destinations have scores and tips for categories like Things To Do, Adventure, Relaxation, etc. to even what is like “Traveling While Black”. Currently, we have 5000+ travel tips from black travelers across over 400 destinations.


Similar to the original Negro Motorist Green Book, first published in 1936, we want to help make travel as easy as possible for the Black Traveler but on a global scale. No longer do you have to scour the internet looking through multiple website to plan for a trip or research what it is like Traveling While Black.  Whether it is family travel, solo travel, large or small group travel we got you covered.  We are also a one stop shop for you to book your flights, hotels, vacation rentals, activities and even travel insurance on our website. So please be sure to book with us on your next trip and support a 100% black-owned business.