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Join the only travel review site that pays you to leave reviews and book with our travel partners (i.e. hotels, flights, activities etc.)

How does it work?

Our partners pay us a commission for sending members to their website (i.e. Booking.com) and we share it with you. However, we take it one step further and reward you with cold-hard cash for leaving detailed travel reviews on the site as well.

That is right!! By simply sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of previous trip in the form of a travel tip we will pay you!! Lastly, we will also pay you for just visiting the website and being an active member.

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Passport Membership Perks

Earn Cash for Travel

Get rewarded with cash in 3 main ways:

1) Book a trip with our Partners
2) Leave Reviews of past experiences
3) Visit the site periodically

Unlimited Access to Destination Search Tool (Platinum)

Tough time trying to figure out where to go for your next trip? We have the only Travel Tool that helps you find amazing destinations based on your own travel criteria.

Earn Double the Points

If you like to continue to earn points on some of your favorite travel sites like Marriot.com, Booking.com etc. then we got you!! You can still earn points with them and US so DOUBLE THE REWARDS! Just be sure to start the booking from GreenBookGlobal.com

A FREE Downloadable
PDF City Guide (Platinum)

We put together an extremely comprehensive city guide from the Black Perspective. Our guides include a sample itinerary and content related to Things To Do, Adventure, Relaxation, Local Food, Romance, History, Nightlife, Affordability and what it is like Traveling While Black. We give you this to you FREE for becoming a Platinum Member.

More Information on Passport Memberships Levels

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Our Basic (free) membership gets you access to exclusive city listing like Bali, Cartagena, Johannesburg etc.

Standard Profile Page – This membership type also provides you with a  Personal Profile Page which includes an interactive travel map and city/continent counter. It is almost like a personal diary of your travels just in digital form.

Please Note – You are NOT able to earn cash with this membership type

Destination Search Tool ($99 value)

** Only for Platinum-Level "Passport" Members **

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FREE Bali City Guide ($49.99 value)

** Only for Platinum-Level "Passport" Members **

Bali City Guide Heaven on Earth

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By becoming a “Passport” member you will be part of an exclusive community of travelers that love to see the world and don’t mind earning money on the journey.  We pay you to leave reviews,  visit the site, and provide you cash back on any part of trip booked with one of our partners (as long as you start from our page). 



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"Thank you for creating a platform for black people to merge and share their travel experiences. Its like the new age greenbook


Most frequent questions and answers

We give you three ways to earn cash back. 

  1. Book with one of our partners like Booking.com, Viator etc. Start your booking from our website and book your travel like normal. Then just send your booking confirmation to payments@greenbookglobal.com and voila!
  2. Leave thoughtful reviews for destinations you have traveled to in the past on our website. Be sure to touch on what it is like Traveling While Black.
  3. Visit the the site at least once a week to see what has changed

At this time, we only can send cash to Paypal accounts so please ensure you have a valid Paypal account before signing up.

Yes! 100%.

Check out out the About Us page to learn more about how we got started. But as a black traveler I saw a need for Modern Day Green Book with some twists so I built it for the black travel community.

We have over 100K+ followers on Instagram where we showcase black people from all over the world traveling everywhere! We also have over 5,500 travel reviews from Black Travelers sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of travel.

Check out the “How It Works” page for a quick tutorial but it is pretty simple. Go to your profile page, look for the withdrawal link and just select “Withdrawal”. You just need to put in an email that is linked to your PayPal Account and voila!!  Also, you have to reach our payout threshold which is $35 (35,000 point)

The Payout threshold is the amount of cash you have to earn before withdrawing to your PayPal account. It is set to $35 which is 35,000 points. 

That is why we think the Platinum membership is the best value. You are only $5 away from your payout. So you could leave 5-7 reviews or book one trip and then have your first of many withdrawals

Yes! Every approved review will earn you some cold hard cash.

However, if you write a review that is trash (you know what a trash review is, stop playing) we will not approve it and you will NOT earn anything from writing it.

Look at the reviews on the site. You can see the quality we are expecting. Also, the “How It Works” page gives your some insights as well.

Who doesn’t like incentives?!

We really want a robust platform that can help black travelers plan their trip and encourage them to see the world.  When we hear stories and experiences from other black travelers it really makes a difference  so by paying for authentic, quality reviews we are helping black people all over the world get the information they need to feel empowered to travel.

We will try to complete withdrawal requests as soon as possible but it should be in your account within 7 business days. However, keep in mind only approved points/cash can be withdrawn to your paypal account. You also must have enough points (35,000)  to meet our payout threshold for your withdrawal to be approved.

Once you finish book a trip, after starting on our site, just forward the email to payments@greenbookglobal.com and we will show the pending credit amount in your account.

Only after your trip is completed will your credit be approved.  


Also, we are still working with our partners to make the points earned show up automatically but that is still a work in progress. In the interim, be sure to forward us your completed booking.

NO.  Only bookings made from our website that are NOT DONE with points will earn you cash (don’t forget to forward the confirmation to payments@greenbookglobal.com)  We don’t earn any cash if you book with points so we actually don’t have anything to share with you.

It will take 7-14 days after your complete your trip for cash to show up in your account as approved. 

Typical redemption rates ranges from 1%-5% of total trip price. However, it is hard to say until we see the commission they issue back to us. We are still in beta phase.

Let us say it like this, we will give you up 50% of what we earn. We are definitely trying to share the wealth.

It is a custom built travel tool to help travelers, in particular black travelers, find destinations that meet their travel criteria. For example, if you want to know the best or worst ranked places for Traveling While Black in Europe, our tool can you tell you that based o the feedback from thousands of black travelers. If you are looking for destinations that have a lot of adventure but it is also a romantic and affordable destination, this tool can tell you that as well.

The options are limitless. There is nothing like it on the market especially from a black travel perspective. Enjoy!

As the founder of Green Book Global, I have been to over 60 countries and all 7 continents (including Antarctica) and some destinations are truly at the top of my list. Bali is one of them.

So I put together a super comprehensive 20+ page guide to Bali that even 15 different travel categories. The list includes:

  • COVID Precautions
  • Things To Do
  • Adventure
  • Romance
  • Relaxation
  • Affordability
  • History
  • Local Food
  • Nightlife
  • Where To Stay
  • How To Get There/How To Get Around
  • Traveling While Black
  • My Personal Experience
  • Sample Itinerary
  • Black Travel Tips

We give this to you FREE  as a Platinum Member.

Booking any part of trip via our site will help you earn the largest amount of cash back so I would definitely make this a focus.

You can book a trip in 2 ways.

1) You can search for the destination from our home page. Once you enter the destination it will bring you to  our destination listing page (i.e. Paris, Accra). On this page you can see all the reviews other black travelers have left. Once you are ready to book, just click the “Book It” button or one of the “Book It” banners. Click which partner you would look to make a booking with and then you will be navigated to  our partners sites.  Just forward your booking confirmation email to payments@greenbooglobal.com so you can get the credit.

2) If you already know where you want to go and have done enough research, just select the “Book Trip” link on the menu bar and it will provide a list of our partners.  Click which partner you would like to make a booking with and then you will be navigated to our partners sites.  Just forward your booking confirmation email to payments@greenbooglobal.com so you can get the credit.

We are continuing to grow relationships with different travel partners. If there is a company you use that you don’t see, please just drop us a line and let us know and we can try to work on that relationship.  In the interim, you can explore some of our other booking options  so you can start to earn some cash. Also, don’t forget, you can also still earn cash for leaving reviews and just for visiting the site.

To keep it simple if you visit the site it is 200 points ($.20) and if you leave a review it is 750 points ($.75). If you book a trip with us and lets say it was $1000 you could get anywhere from 10,000 points to 75,000 points ($10-$75) back.


As you can see booking a trip starting from our site is the best way to earn cash back

Yes! I know it sounds too good to be true but we will actually pay you to visit our site. Now, you won’t earn as much cash as if you left a destination review or booked a trip on our platform, but every bit counts.

Great!!! This part is easy. You can either click this membership link (Become a Passport Member)  or one of the buttons above.  Once you join, we will provide instructions of how to take full advantage of your membership. Welcome to a community that is FOR US BY US, Welcome to the first black travel review and online booking site that also lets you earn cash!