Dutchess County New York (Beacon/Poughkeepsie)

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  • 1.5 Hours North of Manhattan (Metro North)
  • Best Times To Visit: Apr - Oct


Read travel tips for Dutchess County New York (Beacon/poughkeepsie) from our amazing community of BLACK AND BROWN TRAVELERS that will help you find some of the best places to visit Dutchess County New York (Beacon/poughkeepsie). Our variety of travel tips will definitely help you plan your next trip. Our tips range from best places to visit in Dutchess County New York (Beacon/poughkeepsie), affordability, nightlife, local food, where to stay and even what it is like Traveling While Black. Lastly, we are working diligently to create a comprehensive city guide for Dutchess County New York (Beacon/poughkeepsie). Stay tuned! But in the meantime, scroll down to read tips below!




Dia (Beacon) – This modern art museum, housed in a former factory, is actually pretty cool and this is coming from someone who is not really artistically inclined.  Classified as instructional based art, it is best enjoyed with one of the free tours that operate at 12:30 and 2 p.m. otherwise it won’t make much sense.  It was like night and day when I walked through on my own versus just doing even 30 minutes on the tour lol.  Walking distance from the train station (and they store your luggage if you have some as a FYI), this definitely a great location for a day trip. However, don’t be fooled, there are some other amazing thing to do in Beacon as well so keep reading. ($12-$15 for Admission)  www.diaart.org



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Glass Blowing (Hudson Beach Glass – Beacon) – Where else can you breathe into molten hot glass which is just 30 degrees cooler than the sun in the New York Area? Ummm, that would be a nowhere.  Offering an amazingly unique opportunity, you can create a Christmas ornament or paper weight out of glass. You select your colors, shape it in the 4000 degree oven, and then do your best at glass blowing it into the shape you so desire. I would highly recommend doing this!! It is amazing keepsake from Beacon. With over 2500 glasses blown in just 3 months, make sure you call ahead to ensure you secure your spot. Also, you will need to leave at least 24 hours for it to cool off.  Another words, you are going to need to at least spend the night. ($25-$35 per person) www.hudsonbeachglass.com 



Hiking  – Need to leave the concrete jungle of New York City and get your dose of nature, well come out and hike some of the many trails of Beacon. If you hike the Mount Beacon Trail (Hard), you can see New York City from the top of the Mount Beacon or if you hike the  Fire Tower Trail (Medium), you can see the New York Skyline after you go up the steps of an actual tower.  There is also the Breckenridge Trail (Medium) and North Beacon Mountain Trail (Medium). As you can see, there are a plethora of trail options to pick from.  My word of advice. Be sure to get in a good workout because there are tons of deliciously and unhealthy food options in Beacon (See the Local Food tab).


Bannerman Castle (Beacon) – Unfortunately I missed the last ferry of the season when I went, but this amazing island can be seen on your way up to Beacon on the Metro North train.  Only accessible by boat, a guided tour of the enchanted Pollepel Island and it’s amazing Scottish castle is a great way learn a bit of the history of Beacon and its influence in the Revolutionary War.  For those who want a bit of a workout you can kayak on the Hudson to reach there as well.  However, this excursion leaves from Cornwall, which is on the opposite side of the Hudson.  www.bannermancastle.org 


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Franklin D. Roosevelt Home, Presidential Library & Museum (Hyde Park) –   To understand the only 4 term presidency in our nation’s history, be sure to take a trip to Hyde Park to see the FDR home and the presidential Library and Museum.  Start off with a 20 min orientation and spend most of your time in the museum. It is very interesting!!  President Obama took many plays out of the FDR playbook. The fact that FDR served through the Great Depression and Obama served through the Great Recession, similarities between the messaging is astonishing. I swear I saw some of the same signs and slogans lol. President Obama is FDR 2.0, I kid you not.  https://fdrlibrary.org



Slavery in New York – When you look throughout American history with regards to slavery, the South is typically portrayed as the primary culprit. However that is not the case in earlier parts of the American slavery-era.  New York had a higher percentages of slaves per household than Georgia in the early 1700’s and New York may have had even more slaves than Georgia at the time, topping off somewhere around 21,000+ slaves.  In 1991, they found an African Burial Ground in the financial district and there are thousands of additional graves under the overabundance of buildings in lower Manhattan…so don’t sleep.


New York City Skyline


Slavery in Dutchess County and the Hudson River Valley – Typically slavery was centered around urban areas much like Manhattan but up to 10% of slaves were in Dutchess County and the Hudson River Valley as agricultural laborers.  So don’t think when you hear about slaves fleeing via the Underground Railroad they are just fleeing from the South, they were also fleeing from New York and from other northern states.  Although Hudson River Valley was a major proponent of slavery, it also played a significant role in the anti-slavery movement. Many abolitionist and Quakers fought against slavery and housed slaves up and down the Hudson River as part of the Underground Railroad.  There is a book called the Slavery, Antislavery, and the Underground Railroad: A Duchess County Guide that details some of the historic sites throughout Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, and Fishkill.  Check out this link for more information: Mid-Hudson Antislavery History Project


Early History of Beacon – The land which makes up the city of Beacon was purchased from the Wappinger tribe back in 1683.  If you didn’t already guess, it was primarily the Dutch who settled the land, hence why Beacon is in a province called Dutchess County.  The area really started to take its formation when the busy villages of Fishkill Landing (a river port) and Matteawan (a manufacturing center) combined in 1709.  Beacon, served a variety of roles During the Revolutionary War from 1775-1783 by providing war supplies.  It also served a particular purpose which helped it get its name.  Signal fires were built on top of Mount Beacon to alert General Washington and his troops that the British were coming so it was a “beacon” to American troops. 


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Modern History of Beacon – Later in history, Beacon continued its function as a manufacturing epicenter by being home to over 50 hat factories at its peak in the mid-20th centuries.  These factories employed thousands of people and it was great for the city!! However, just as it did with Detroit, when the manufacturing jobs leave, the city is left in disarray. When the factories closed their doors in the 1960’s the once bustling city of Beacon now was desolate and filled of abandoned buildings and homes.


It was not until Dia: Beacon of Art Foundation opened its doors in 2003 as an offshoot of the Chelsea location, did Beacon come back alive.  It turned this barren city into a hot bed for hipsters and those in the artsy scene.  Abandoned buildings were renovated, new restaurants starting appearing, and Main St. slowly started to come back to life. There is tons to do in Beacon and it still has some revitalization to go but you will not be disappointed.


Early History of Poughkeepsie – The land which is now known as Poughkeepsie was purchased from Indians in 1686 and settled by the Dutch. Unlike Beacon, it was not an active participant in the Revolutionary War so it actually became the second capital of New York.  If you are wondering like me, what the heck is a Poughkeepsie, it means “the reed covered lodge by the little-water place”, referring to a small spring that is in downtown Poughkeepsie (I don’t know if that still helped much lol). This town started off as a port city but became a manufacturing hub and commercial center similar to Beacon. 



Modern History of Pougkeepsie – IBM had major plants that employed 5000+ in the area frmom the 1930’s until the mid 1990’s.  However, Poughkeepsie faced the same fate as Beacon when IBM shut its factory doors.  Unfortunately, there is no Dia Art Foundation to swoop in and save the day like it did in Beacon.  However, due to Beacon’s success, the revitalization is slowly trickling up to Poughkeepsie as more restaurants and abandoned buildings are being rehabilitated. Poughkeepsie is also home to Vassar College, Marist College, and Dutchess Community College. Some other interesting aspects of the area is that the home and museum of FDR is just 5 miles away from the city and the former home of Samuel B. Moore, the inventor of the telegraph, is also not too far away.


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As always, history is so very important, so now you have the backstory of Beacon, Poughkeepsie, and the Hudson River Valley.



Coming from any borough of New York City, Dutchess County will feel like you are Daddy Warbucks (this is a Little Orphan Annie reference btw). In other words, money long!!  It will be a welcomed reprieve to be able to have a good beer or wine for well under $10. If you look at the Local Food section, you will see that there are tons of great restaurants to eat at due to the Culinary Institute being close by to next door Poughkeepsie.


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Now, don’t get me wrong, you can still make rain in Beacon or Poughkeepsie if you don’t keep a watchful eye on your wallet or purse, but the fact is the quality of food at that price cannot be matched!

From New York City it is about $33.50 (off-peak ticket) or $44 (on-peak ticket) to Beacon on the Metro North.  So it also pretty cheap to get up there.  Checkout the Big Mac Index below (well kinda since I am comparing USA to USA).


  • Big Mac (Dutchess County): $4.99 USD [July 2017]
  • Big Mac (USA): $5.30 [July 2017]



Walkway Over the Hudson (Poughkeepsie Pedestrian Bridge) – Watch out Brooklyn Bridge, you may have some competition. With no motorized vehicles or dogs allowed, this bridge spans 1.25 mile in length and is 221 feet hiver above the Hudson River, making it the longest elevated pedestrian bridge in the world!  Once you walk to the middle, which takes about 30 or so minutes, you really feel like you are in the middle of nature. It is just so serene and definitely a phenomenal place to unwind and hit the reset button. This is also a great place to see some of the best views of Dutchess County. www.walkway.org/visit




Apple Picking (Fishkill Farms) – Not sure where else you can go picking for apples, berries, pumpkins, peaches, plums etc. from June to November and also get a side of Jerk Chicken. Very interesting phenomenon. Many Jamaicans come up and work the farm seasonally and their food has started to make a mark.  Rent a car, Uber over here, or take a bike tour. They also offer a tasting of a variety of jellies, jams, hard ciders, spirits, wine, and you have to try one of their old fashiond cinnamon donuts.  www.fishkillfarms.com

Maple Syrup Tasting (Dover Plains)  – My mouth started to water as I was writing this lol.  You have heard of wine or beer tasting, but how about maple syrup tasting!!  Another unique offer in Dutchess County, you can take a trip to the amazing estate of Crown Maple where they make 100% Organic syrup with 20,000+ maple trees.  There is a special tasting room where you start off with their amazing maple sugar and then move to their infused maple syrups which consist of Madascar Vanilla, Applewood Smoked, Cinnamon and my absolute favorite, Bourbon Barrel Aged!! Waffles and Pancakes take on a whole new meaning and you can even use the smoked maple syrup to create a smokey old fashion. The options are limitless!!! ($5-$10 per tasting) www.crownmaple.com 


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Dutchess County offer a variety of restaurants to eat at. Enjoy!!!

$$$ – Expensive
$$ – Moderate
$ – Cheap


Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park) – The reason why Beacon, Poughkeepsie, and Hyde Park have such phenomenal eating establishments and chefs are due to the CIA.  A school founded in 1946, many of the culinary graduates stay in Duchess County to start restaurants, many which I name below.  But it doesn’t stop there, the CIA also has 4 different restaurants you can eat at (Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici, The Bocuse Restaurant, Apple Pie Bakery Café,  and the American Bounty Restaurant) and offers tours at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Make sure reservations are made well in advance and get ready for some of the more attentive staff.  Why? Well, because the wait staff is being rated[$$$] www.ciachef.edu 


Kitchen Sink Food & Drink (Beacon) – Named Best of Hudson Valley for comfort food in the Hudson Valley Magazine in 2017, don’t be surprised by its modest and casual appearance. The food is far from average! The relaxed atmosphere just makes it all the better as you truly have a phenomenal dining experience.  The menu options change periodically with the seasons but definitely try the skillet steak.  It is succulently tasty with beefy onion compote and the brown butter roaster parsnips.  Your taste buds will thank me.  Definitely try! [$$]  www.kitchensinkny.com 


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The Artist’s Palate (Poughkeepsie)It is amazing that some of my most favorite food I have eaten since moving to NYC have been in Dutchess County and it is so affordable!!   Amazing food and a lovely décor.  I had their cider braised mussels, kale salad with crispy quinoa, and their Pan Roasted Faore Island Salmon. Every dish was absolutely phenomenal.  Couple that with an attentive staff and you have the perfect lunch or dinner.  Just so you know, I love mussels and there is a place in San Diego that has been my number one mussel destination for the last 5 years until I had the mussels at the Artist’s Palate.  Just saying…[$$]  www.theartistspalate.biz 



Glazed Over Donuts (Beacon) – I am literally kicking myself for not making it to this donut shop. We showed up on Tuesday and to my dismay, it was closed! L.  When you can design your own gourmet donut with a ton of different glazes and also go as far as topping it off with Fruity Pebbles, Oreo Crumbs, Caramel Chocolate, Nutella, Maple Syrup, Graham Crackers, Bacon and that is just the start, you know you have something unique.  I know Krispy Kreme’s Hot & Ready are nothing to play around with but I think Glazed Over Donuts could have them beat. Blasphemy! I can hear some of you say lol. Check this place out and let us know if these artisanal donuts live up to their reputation. [$]  www.glazedoverdonuts.com 



Rossi Rosticceria Deli (Poughkeepsie) – Lord have mercy!! This by far just may be one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. This place is so unassuming but their food was dang on good! I had the turkey sandwich and it was massive!! I couldn’t eat all in one sitting but I did try. Typically there are lines out the door which is the case of many of places in Dutchess County evidently.  My fiancé got a “plate” which basically included any assortment of Italian hot options she wanted. Since she always likes to have a little taste of everything this was perfect: she got the chicken parm, eggplant parm, penne ala vodka, and broccolini and all were delicious. [$] www.rossideli.com 






If you plan to do wine, spirit, and/or beer tasting and you have a large group, it may make sense to get a tour bus.  It also would be much safer instead of driving.  A good option would be the Hudson Craft Beer Tour which operates primarily on the weekends.  You also may be able to join other groups if you are solo or in a smaller group.  Just call to figure out the details as I was lucky enough to have a designated driver. www.hudsonvalleycraftbeertours.com


Denning’s Point Distillery (Beacon)– Whiskey and Vodka lovers alike, you will call this place home! Located right off the main street, you can see the distilling process from start to finish at Denning’s Point.  They have a secret method to how they age and distill their spirits, and although I cannot share, you can taste the difference.  That is probably why they won “Best Spirits” in 2016 for the Hudson Valley Wine and Spirit Competition.  When you do a tasting for $10 you will see exactly what I am talking about.  This was my absolute favorite distillery when I came to Beacon. [$]  www.denningspointdistillery.com



Taconic Distillery (Standorville) – A beautiful view with outdoor seating by the fire pit, you will need to have a seat after tasting these hand-crafted bourbons, whiskies, and ryes that go up to 115 proof.  Voted “Best Bourbon” in 2014 by Hudson Valley, all you bourbon drinkers come on by!!  Also, if you happen to be looking for spirits truly made in NYC, then this is the place, as they use spring water from their farm and NYC grains to make their batches. Don’t forget to sign your name on one of aging barrels when you take a tour of the distillery, showing that you have been there!!  Signature cocktails are also available. Saturday/Sunday 12 -5 pm ($15 for 3 Tastings). [$$] www.taconicdistillery.com




Hudson Valley Brewery  (Beacon) – Ever heard of sour beer?! Did you just cringe at the thought? Well, as your mother said, don’t judge a book by its cover. These beers are absolutely amazing!! Some are more sour than others but they have just the right balance to appeal to any palate. We went through a full tasting and were blown away. My fiancé who doesn’t even like beer got two cans lol.  As she said, “it would just be so refreshing on a summer’s Day”!  Trust me, give it a go!! Some of my favorites were the Incandanza, the Plateaux, and the Silhouette. [$] www.hudsonvalleybrewery.com




2Way Brewery (Beacon) – Looking for a place that really puts some tender love and care into how they make their beer, well this would brewery for you. Using their proprietary yeast, these handmade beers have a variety of flag ship success stories (i.e. New York Farm House, Stouts, Irish Pales etc.).  They will also keep surprised you with their season specials. [$] www.2waybrewingcompany.com



Wine Tasting – Millbrook Vineyards & Winery – This is a beautiful vineyard located in the Hudson Valley and if you are going wine tasting in Dutchess County, you must come here!! They have a large tasting room, an awesome wine tour, friendly staff and most importantly an assortment of great wines!! There is a Hudson Craft Beer Tour Bus that can bring you here on the weekends but just make sure you plan ahead.  Considered the “Hudson Valley’s flagship winery” by The New York Times you will not be disappointed.  They have jazz every Saturday night at 7 p.m. (in the summer) and a variety of local events/parties.  Also, fellas, if you ever want to pop the question to your first lady, this a great venue!! Open daily year round 12pm – 5pm ($12-$25 for tasting/tours). www.millbrookwine.com


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Romantic Stroll in the Fall and Enjoy a Sunset – I know this isn’t something very specific but sometimes taking a calm stroll to enjoy the autumn colors can just be as romantic as an intricately planned date. With the Hudson River on one side, the vibrant foliage colors on the other and that fresh air, you can’t go wrong.  Check out the Scenic Hudson Long Dock Park as well.  You could also go for a romantic kayak ride on the Hudson. This a great place to start that romantic stroll and to see that sunset. www.scenichudson.org/parks/longdockpark


Roundhouse (Beacon) – Once a former textile factory, now an immaculate boutique hotel, this restored factory building overlooks an amazing waterfall, by a bustling creek.  This will definitely be the most luxurious and romantic accommodations you can stay when in Beacon.  It is located at the end of Main Street and has three separate spaces.  Be sure not to miss out on the fireplace and restaurant right by the creek.  It is a pricey, typically  ranging from $229 to $350 a night but the views of the creek are unmatched!  www.roundhousebeacon.com




Not many nightlife options in Dutchess County which is why it is a good place to get away and relax. We did find one good option in Beacon though.


Town Crier (Beacon)  – One of the best and only options for nightlife in Beacon, the Town Crier has some pretty good live music options. They have different sets throughout the week so scope out their website to see the line-up. While the place may not look like your typical scene, I would still recommend giving it a try. I went on a Monday night, and one of the musicians that I thought would be my least favorite, ended up being the best. We almost wanted to hire this guy for our wedding lol. They also have a world-class pastry chef in the back.  So with sweets and live music, you can’t go wrong!  www.townecrier.com






Beacon Located a little less than 1.5 hours away from Grand Central Station in Manhattan, Beacon is a cute little town with a lot of character and surprisingly a lot to do. Not only does it offer the Dia Beacon art museum but their Main St. has just enough shops, restaurants, breweries, and distilleries to keep you busy for an entire weekend.  Just check out the “Things To Do”, “Adventure”, and “Local Food” sections of the guide to see more information.  You can also take an Uber from the train station into town and you will be right in the middle of all the action. Since you are able to walk to most things, a car will not be needed unless you wanted to explore other areas.


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Poughkeepsie While Beacon has an artsy, small town feel, Poughkeepsie is still reinventing itself a bit since the large IBM plant left in 2008.  There are some sketchy areas so keep a watchful eye but it isn’t anything to worry too much about. This town is about 20-30 minutes beyond Beacon and is much bigger so you will definitely need a car. Some of the major pros of Poughkeepsie is that you are much closer to an assortment of distilleries, vineyards, and breweries.  There is also the pedestrian bridge which is pretty cool. Oh and lastly and most importantly, my top 2 restaurants of Dutchess County, The Artist’s Palate and Rossi Rosticceria Deli are here, so don’t sleep on this town lol.  Your belly will thank you for making the extra 20 minute drive.


Fishkill / Hyde Park – I wouldn’t recommend staying in any of these two towns. Not because you will be “killed” in Fishkill or because the people in this town get exceeding pleasure in killing fish (“kill” actually come from the Dutch settlers who settled the land and means “creek”) but just because there is not much to do. In Fishkill, the primary activity would be going to the Fishkill Farm to go apple/berry picking and to checkout their apple cider donuts.  However, you can just drive there from Beacon or take an Uber. Also, there is the FDR museum in Hyde Park which I do highly recommend (you will see that Obama is FDR 2.0) but you can just drive there as well.




Accommodations (Beacon) One drawback about Beacon is that the accommodation offerings are somewhat limited. I stayed at the Roundhouse hotel which was pricey ranging from $220 to $400 a night but it is also the nicest hotel in Beacon and it is pretty amazing!  There are two additional hotel options: the Beacon Hotel and the Inn and Spa at Beacon. Both of these hotels are right on Main St, but I haven’t been to either of these so I cannot vouch for them.  You could also try an AirBNB.



Accommodations (Poughkeepsie) You will find more options for hotels in Poughkeepsie and you will also see chains like the Courtyard Marriot and Days Inn. There is also a larger selection of Air BNB options. Another advantage of staying in Poughkeepsie is that you are closer to the FDR Museum and most of the vineyards, breweries, and distilleries are close as well.


Suggested Duration 1 to 3 days (Great for a Weekend Getaway)


Transportation to Dutchess County The fastest and most cost effective way to get to Dutchess County is by taking the Metro North from Grand Central Station. It is about $33.50 (off-peak ticket) or $44 (on-peak ticket) to Beacon and a few dollars more to get to Poughkeepsie.  The train leaves every hour and takes about 90 minutes to get to Beacon and just under 2 hours to get to Poughkeepsie.  I also discovered you can catch the Metro North in Harlem at the 125 St station.(East Side above the ground stop on the 4,5, 6).  You just need to buy your ticket on the app.


Transportation While in Dutchess County If you are planning to stay in Beacon and just do some hiking or maybe go apple picking, you can likely skip on a car and use Uber. However, just in case I would recommend using Enterprise (451 Fishkill Ave, Beacon, NY 12508) which is about 5 minutes away from the end of Main St. They can pick you up from the Beacon train station. However, keep in mind Enterprise’s hours of operation since they are only open from 10-1 on Saturday and closed on Sunday. On my trip, I used Avis since I wanted to use points.  It is located at 28 Ibm Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. They will also pick you up from the train station but from the Poughkeepsie Metro North stop. This Avis rental car location is smack dab in the middle of Poughkeepsie and Beacon so you will have to do a bit more driving to get back to either town.



Pros For New Yorkers this is honestly the perfect getaway from the city. You can get there in 90 minutes by train, there are some unique experiences like touring the renowned Dia Beacon, glass blowing, eating at top notch restaurants and tons of breweries, vineyards, and distilleries to pick from.  You can also go hiking to burn off the calories you will intake from drinking and eating.


Cons – Beacon has limited accommodations to pick from. It kind of goes with the small town feel but would have liked to see some additional options for lodging. There is always Air BNB though.


My Experience –  I had my doubts about Beacon and Poughkeepsie when I was planning to go to Dutchess County for a weekend trip that was sponsored through their Tourism Board. It’s 1.5 hours away from a major city, it’s a small town, they have houses on plantations etc. I mean as black man, you already know what my first thought was, is it safe for black people.  Even though I was a bit concerned, it wasn’t warranted. It is absolutely fine up there. There are actually a fair amount of black people in Dutchess County so if that is also a concern of yours you can put your mind at ease.  Aside from this bit of apprehension, I loved everything about my experience.




It’s super, duper quick to get there on Metro North which I appreciated.  I decided to go to Poughkeepsie to get a rental car, mistake 1.  I should’ve tried to coordinate a pick-up from the Enterprise in Beacon since it is actually in the city and that where I was staying.  The Avis rental center was in the middle of both towns, so I was picked up from the Poughkeepsie station and then I had to drive from the rental car office to Beacon.   Unfortunately it was pouring down rain so it also made things a bit more difficult.


The first thing I did upon arriving to Beacon was go to the renowned Dia Beacon. It is actually really cool art and makes you think outside the box. The question is “not what it is but how it is what it is” as they taught me.  I spent a fair amount of time here and with a tour guide it definitely helped understand the backstory on some of the pieces. After Dia I also did some glass blowing which so cool!  We each made two glass ornaments form selecting the colors, shaping it in the over, to blowing it to the appropriate shape.  Not sure where else you can do something like this. 




We stayed at the Roundhouse Hotel which is the most luxurious hotel in Beacon.  It used to be an abandoned factory so I actually drove past it as the outside complex is a bit unassuming. However, once you get to the main quarters, the accommodations are pretty good.  Najah and I were celebrating our 5 years anniversary so I had a couple surprises lined up for us at the Roundhouse.  Special shout out to the staff who helped set this up!!!






A lot of my time over the remaining 2 days was spent eating and taking part in a variety of different tastings lol. My favorite place for spirit tasting would be Denning’s Point Distillery. Their whiskey is just so smooth and they also have some Elderflower vodka which was really unique and delicious as well.



As far as breweries, I only went one, but Hudson Valley Brewery is all I needed. They specialize in sour beer their beers have the perfect balance of hops and flavor and a just bit of sourness, it’s no wonder I came back with bunch of them to Manhattan. 



With regards to vineyards, you have to go to Millbrook. It has amazing selection of wines and the grounds are spectacular.  It is also the considered the flagship winery of Hudson Valley.  They have a variety of events there on the weekends so you may able to time your tasting with some live music.




As far as food goes, my favorite restaurant is the Artists Palate in Poughkeepsie. The mussels are to die for!! For cheap eats the Rossie Deli is spectacular and is also in Poughkeepsie! Their portions are huge and so are the flavors.  I put my iphone USB charger in the picture to give you a frame of reference of the sizes, as you can see the sandwich is massive!!



Some of the other highlights of my trip was the Pedestrian Bridge in Poughkeepsie.  It’s quite an experience to walk 1.5 miles over a water and to have no motorized vehicles around you. It was very peaceful and something everyone should experience when you come to Dutchess County.



In addition, the FDR museum was also really good. They have a temporary exhibit that outlines how under his presidency, FDR illegally detained Japanese American citizens in concentration camps in California after Pearl Harbor and how they were paid back reparation of $20,000 due to how the government treated them (I know we still are waiting on our 40 acres and a mule).


The museum is organized in such a way that is kind of fun to go through each exhibit. You can see the various challenges he faced during his 4 terms presidency and how similar of a message Obama has to him.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the FDR house tour, but that could just be me.




All in all, Dutchess County is amazing and I am so thankful I got to experience it.  I am looking forward to another trip up there as I still need to hike some of those trails, customize my own donut and also explore some of the additional restaurants and activities they have up there.

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  1. jaccijeffries
    07 Oct 2018
    Things To Do
    Things To Do
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    Traveling While Black

    Beacon was the perfect overnight getaway from the city with so much to do, especially in the fall. We took tips/recommendations from Green Book Global and ended up packing in Dia Beacon, Hudson Beach Glass, dinner at Roundhouse with waterfall views, a morning hike up Mount Beacon, lunch at Brother’s Trattoria and Glazed Over Donuts in our stay. We left feeling refreshed, relaxed and well-fed. Would highly recommend if you are a fan of outdoor activities and don’t mind small town vibes.

  2. lmullett
    21 Jan 2018
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    Traveling While Black

    Beacon and the surrounding area is a surprisingly nice and close getaway from NYC. As an avid hiker in a prior life and a carless city dweller now, the proximity of various hiking trails to Metro North is key. Its a great place for a day trip out of the city to get some time in nature or an easy weekend getaway. There are some pretty decently challenging trails with nice views of the river and the town of Beacon is cute and walkable with several good food options. Everything closes on the early side so keep that in mind as you make plans.

  3. ashleyb
    12 Nov 2017
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    Local Food
    Traveling While Black

    Dutchess County is a great place to visit for relaxation, nature, and history. Less than 2 hrs from NYC, it is the perfect escape from the busyness of the NYC. For good food, there are a bunch of restaurants along Main Street in Beacon. For hiking, there are numerous trails in and around Beacon and Poughkeepsie. Lastly, be sure to check out the Walkway on the Hudson, a foot bridge that connects Poughkeepsie to New Paltz.

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