Okinawa, Japan

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 out of 6 reviews

6 Reviews

  1. author
    19 Jan 2020

    If you’re traveling to Japan you must visit Okinawa an island in the southern coast of Japan. This Little island Is enriched with so much history. The Local people on this island are so welcoming and make your visit fun and entertaining. They love to party and feed you. Be sure to do the Mario kart tour in Naha and be sure to visit the market in Naha!

  2. author
    16 Jan 2020
    Things To Do

    UPDATE: Shuri Castle suffered significant damage from a fire back in Oct 2019. Shuri Castle is the most significant landmark in all of Okinawa.

    I lived in “Oki” or on “The Rock” from 2004-2009 when I was stationed here in the military. I know Oki but will make this review as short as possible. The island is about 65 miles long and 17 miles wide as its widest point.

    History: The Battle of Okinawa. Google it. Enough said. I told you I would keep it short. When you visit Oki you have to do a tunnel rats tour. Unexploded ordnance “UXO” is still be ing found on the island to this day.

    Things to do: The best of Oki other than the nicest people I have ever met in my are the beaches, SCUBA diving and snorkeling. If you are a diver, this is an absolute must. Maeda Flats, Maeda Point, and Toilet Bowl to name a few hot spots. 2. Whale watching tours. 3. Hiji Falls. A cool place to trek and reach a decent fall. 4. Cherry blossom festival. The Cherry Blossom festival is Nago is very unique. 5. Pineapple Park. I bet you did not know…… 6. Orion Beer Festival. A very lively festival held in the streets of Okinawa. 7. TUG-O-WAR!!!! THE ABSOLUTE MOST EPIC AND GREATEST TUG-O-WAR YOU WILL EVER SEE. Without me looking it up in google I want to say it is the World’s largest Tug-o-War rope. 8. I told you I would keep it short.

    Traveling while Black: The nicest people on the face of the earth. Enough said!

  3. author
    17 Dec 2019
    Things To Do

    Okinawa has beautiful beaches, great weather and friendly people! The culture is very distinct from what you’ll find on the main islands of Japan, so it’s definitely worth a visit! We had a great time here! Some great places to visit are Tokashiki Island (for the beaches), Shuri Castle, and Okinawa World where you can learn about traditional Okinawan culture and see some great dance and music performances!

  4. author
    07 Jul 2019
    Things To Do

    I really enjoyed my stay in Okinawa. I was visiting my sister while stationed there and I had a blast. We went out in town and got our nails done by some SUPER DOPE SYTLIST. This was one of my first introductions to Japanese culture. there were some amazing beaches that we got to see and relax at. I would def love to go back!

  5. Mr.International
    05 May 2019

    If it’s Adventure you are looking for then Okinawa, Japan is definitely the place to visit. Okinawa is a prefecture of japan and is known as the “oasis” of Japan. It is truly a hidden gem where visitors come to enjoy.

    Okinawa is an island so it’s filled with many beautiful beaches, sunset beach is one of my favorite. There are many waterfalls that is a must visit. Tadake falls is what I recommend. The island itself is relaxing and the food is very affordable and delicious t the same time. I recommend the volcano ramen. There is a nightlife where you can go out and feel safe at the same time. Few clubs are open where you can have a grand ole time. The clubs I recommend is club Sky, club Seven and club Clutch.I have not received any type of racism while here in Okinawa, everyone loves to smile and help when they can. I’ll definitely recommend this island.

  6. author
    19 Oct 2018

    Minnajima island

    Now this island you would need to take the ferry from more north of the main Okinawan island. It took us about an hour to get to that side once you get there the ferry runs about $15-$20 per person and takes only 15-20 mins to arrive. Now there are many islands to choose from but this one seemed to have the most activities. From clear boat canoeing to floats to umbrella sitting areas, jet skis jet ski float pulls, parasailing snorkeling, and jet pack water thing. We spend literally from noon – 5pm out there a must try if you haven’t in life, is the purple yam ice cream .. yes purple yams it’s very very good! This island is very small in size literally can reach the other side in 3-5 mins but it’s the most fun also

    Aka Island

    Off the coast of Okinawa Island of Japan – much similar to in saying as the island of Hawaii to North America. Okinawa Island has many Americans predominantly military families but you’ll catch a few tourist every now and then. From this main island you would take about and hour and a half ferry for about $45r/t or the speed boat ferry which is 30 mins and about $65 r/t. Once you get to the island you can ask at the desk for a map but it’s only two roads leading to the left leads you across the bridge and up the mountain. Depending on how much time you have if your just there for the day I would suggest going straight to the beach area. To do so you can walk should take about 20-30 mins walking or rent a hike on the island which should cut time in half. Once you get to the beach you’ll see a place where you can buy snacks and drinks and also rent snorkel gear for like $15 and all these prices I’m naming is USD. From there you make your own journey, but also ask the life guards about where is the best place to watch the sea turtles, for us that day it was closer to the ferry pick up to find all the sea turtles. Beautiful clear waters you’ll love this island.

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