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The Black Travel Movement and what it means to be “Traveling While Black”

 The Black Travel Movement has taken flight and has no signs of slowing down!  We saw a need in the black travel community to be able to share not only tips on social media about best places to stay, tours to go on, etc but to share this information on platform created FOR US BY US. A platform that can inform other black and brown travelers what it is like “Traveling While Black” in various destinations.


With the onset of Instagram and the fact that black people are having more discretionary income for travel, we are seeing black travelers like never before.  Whether it is black travel groups or traveling solo, we are seeing black travelers from the Riads of Marrakesh, to the Terrangen Rice fields of Bali, to the Sand Dunes of Peru.  We are everywhere and it is beautiful!  And let us be clear, these are not just African American Travelers, these are black travelers from different walks of life across various continents that are seeing the world.



Don’t talk about it, be about it right?  So in early 2018 we launched our travel platform, after working on it for about 3 years, and it is dedicated to helping black and brown travelers see the world.

We provided comprehensive city guides by travel style and couple that with a custom rating tool where instead of rating an activity, you rate your overall experience in a city. Essentially, we are making a Black “TripAdvisor” with some unique twists.  

“I really love that your website includes a “traveling while black” section. So so important and lacking in the tourism/review industry” @foswhy (Instagram Follower)

We already have over 4000 tips from black travelers across 6 continents and each city even has a score of what it is like “Traveling While Black”.  So whether you are traveling in a black travel group, traveling solo, with the fellas or with the ladies, we got you!  Click some of the examples below and check it out yourself:


Black Travel Movement - Paris at Night
Travel Tips Jamaica


As the Black Travel Movement continues, we need travel tools that cater specifically to US, because let’s face it, we travel differently.  We enjoy different types of food, different types of music, history means something to different to us, and when we go to Africa, no matter if you are an African American traveler from the diaspora or not, it is like coming home.

Black Travel Movement - Jamaica User Reviews
User Generated Destination Score for Jamaica


Our platform embraces these needs with our city guides, reviews, and Travel Creator Directory. Welcome to your one-stop shop to help you on your journey as part of the Black Travel Movement.

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