Things To Do In Iceland
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Top 5 Things To Do In Iceland

If you are on Instagram and you are about this travel life you are bound to have seen someone in the geothermal spa known as the Blue Lagoon.   Just in case you haven’t, here you go lol. A Blue Lagoon feature the WeWorkToToravel’s Instagram of 100K+ followers:

This is one of Iceland’s most frequented tourist attractions and although it is dope there are still a ton of other things do.  But before we give you our top 5 Things To Do In Iceland, we should give you a little more context about us.  

Our website is more than just a blog and actually is a travel review site that contains over 4000 tips for almost 500 different destinations.  What makes us unique is that  we provide our community of travelers an opportunity  to leave reviews on a city level instead of just on an activity level.   So destinations like Reykjavik have a score for Things To Do, Adventure, Relaxation, Affordability, Nightlife, History, and Romance. We also have a particular focus on Black Travelers and include a Traveling While Black Score for different destinations. See below:


With that in mind, as great is Iceland is, Reykjavik has a pretty low rating, with a 3.8/5 overall score.  Why you may ask? Well for a numbers reasons, with the primary one being Iceland is hella expensive!!!  Like $7 a gallon for gas expensive, drinks $20-$25, and the list goes on and on. Just be prepared to spend some $. 


You can potentially save on accommodations if you pick some good AirBNB’s (check out our Reykjavik listing for details)  Also, the Food in Iceland isn’t the greatest and there are pretty limited nightlife options but they do love hip-hop. Also, most importantly, Iceland is great for “Traveling While Black” with a score of 4.5 which is a great score!!



The other saving grace for Iceland is that there are so many activities you cannot get it all done. Based on reviews from the community Things To Do in Iceland has a 4.6/5 score and an Adventure score of Iceland is 4.8/5!! Adventure-Seekers Iceland is calling your name.

We highly recommend you look at the reviews on our listing page for Reykjavik below to get more information. We are going to give it to you a quick synopsis  We have over 50 travel tips from 50 different travelers and they range for giving you itineraries, specific restaurants to eat at, where to stay etc.


Our Top 5 Things To Do in Iceland

5  Eat some whale! – OK all you mammal lovers, don’t hate me but it is a primary dish in Iceland so just as the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do, when in Iceland eat as the Icelandics eat.  Don’t juddge me. I had some Minke Whale. It was pretty good, aint going lie. However, rest assured, I won’t be adding it as a normal lunch time snack. It was just a one-time thing. Try it at this restaurant Grillmarkadurinn.


 4  – Golden Circle Tour (Must Do!!)  –  This is an absolute must do!!  The Godlen Circle tour is sc scenic excursion through some of Iceland’s most amazing landscapes and incldues Gulfoss Waterfall, the Kerið crater lake and Geysir geothermal areas among other things. The reviews on our website go into much greater detail of the Golden Circle Tour so I would highly recommend your check it out.  In addition, to help you  book your experience, your can book your Golden Circle Tour using this LinkKeep in mind your  other option is to just rent a car and do it yourself.



3Drive the South Coast  –  Iceland landscape is like another planet so if you drive the south coast you will see black sand beaches (vik-iceland), glaciets, and also a Solheimasandur Plane Wreck. You will see plenty of people on Instagram with a photo by this wreck. You can do a tour but much cheaper to do it yourself since you can see it for FREE99 if you drive.


2Northern Lights. If you go in the winter time you can see the Northern Lights. This is an amazing Thing To Do In Iceland, however, the caveat is you will only get 5 or so hours of sunlight if you do go in the winter, so know what you are getting into. Book your tour for a beautiful Northern Light Excursion using this Link



1Blue Lagoon. Last but not least our number one activity do in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. Duhhh!!! Of course this would be our #1 when it comes to Things To Do in Iceland. This geothermal spa is off the freaking chain lol.!! Book in advance through


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