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Black Travel Movement – Our Fears and Needs

Although we may be in the 21st century and the Black Travel Movement is alive and well, we know racism and discrimination on an international level are alive and well. That is why businesses like Travel Noire, Nomadness Travel Tribe, Black Girls Travel Too to name a few were started. They were created to not only allow black people to travel in a safe space but also to help normalize black travel.


We know all too well that one of the first thoughts black and brown people start thinking about when traveling to a new destination is, “Is it safe for black people”? It is a sad reality but it is true. Even though people are getting more exposure to black travelers as part of the Black Travel Movement, many people still have an issue with our blackness. But our platform helps with this.   Just read the comment below:


“Heya, website is great! I’ve added a few reviews and had a look at some travel tips, I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise but always  been a little apprehensive (traveling while black), but I’ve seen some reviews that have been a bit reassuring” @msbri_x  (Instagram Follower)


Now we know our black is beautiful and we aren’t going to let bigots and racist deter us from seeing this world, but knowledge is power. At least knowing when you arrive to a destination if you will get tons of blatant stares, will people be fascinated with your braids or locks, could you experience flat out racism or is all Gucci and it is nothing but Black Love.  Businesses like Travel Noire and Nomadness Travel Tribe have helped pave the way and we want help take it the next step forward with a Black Travel Review Site.   If you want a good example, filter reviews by “Traveling While Black” for Prague to read some of the various (terrible and phenomenal) experiences of black travel. is the first Black Travel Review Site aka Black “Tripadvisor” with some unique twists. We unapologetically focus on providing high quality travel resources like city guides, travel tips, and our newly added Travel Creator Community that are specifically catered to black and brown travelers.  In some ways we are like The NEW Negro Motorist Green Book but on an international level. We have over 5000 tips from black and brown travelers across 6 continents and our database of reviews are constantly growing.


Just go to our Home page and search for your destination and if can spare a few minutes share a travel experience (good or bad) on the site to help encourage or prepare someone like @msbri_x.

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