Geneva, Switzerland

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Read travel tips for Geneva, Switzerland from our amazing community of BLACK AND BROWN TRAVELERS that will help you find some of the best places to visit Geneva, Switzerland.  Our variety of travel tips will definitely help you plan your next trip. Our tips range from best places to visit in Geneva, Switzerland, affordability, nightlife, local food, where to stay and even what it is like Traveling While Black. Lastly, we are working diligently to create a comprehensive city guide for Geneva, Switzerland. Stay tuned! But in the meantime, scroll down to read tips below!


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 out of 1 review
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Traveling While Black

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    05 Dec 2021
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    Traveling While Black

    I have been to Geneva several times because I had a friend who lived there. It is very expensive so be prepared. The Black people weren’t very friendly. We gave the smile, nod but it typically wasn’t reciprocated. We were told it is usually because of their country of origin where maybe that wasn’t customary. If you are already traveling to Europe, depending on where you are going, you may want to add Geneva as a side trip. On one of our trips to Paris, we took a train to Geneva for the weekend. During one of our trips to Geneva, we drove to Yvoire, France. The mountains in Switzerland are beautiful. Our day trip to Gruyere was exciting. And Switzerland really does have the best chocolate and cheese. Although I didn’t rate it very high in the star system, I always enjoyed my stay and would recommend a trip there if you are nearby.

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