Pretoria, South Africa

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 out of 1 review
Things To Do
Local Food

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    17 May 2018
    Things To Do
    Things To Do
    Local Food
    Traveling While Black

    I have called Pretoria home for the past 7 years , and each year it begins to feel more and more like home. Pretoria is the capital of the Republic few South Africa. This vibrant city is often dubbed the jacaranda city as each year around September/October the city turn purple as the jacaranda trees begin to bloom. It’s truly a magical site – so much so that a whole radio station is actually named after this (Jacaranda FM).

    Pretoria is rich in history as it holds some of the most important buildings ;
    – Union Buildings
    – Freedom Park Heritage Site and Museum
    – Fort Klapperkop
    -Voortrekker Monument
    – Ditsong National Museum of national history
    All of these buildings contain information regarding the moulding and shaping of South Africa over the years. With some buildings such as Voortrekker Monument even hosting events such as music festival and university gala dinners.

    The nightlife in Pretoria is quite thriving , especially since the University of Pretoria is nearby and university students are always looking for a good time. Thursday is student night and the fun usually lasts till Sunday (when the weight of responsibilities finally kick in). The scene includes everything from live jazz acts to hard rock – you just have to ask.

    Pretoria has a wide array of cuisine available as the city centre is so diverse. You can expect to find jusr about every kind of dish – be it a good curry or a good old fashioned boerewors roll. If you’re going to visit South Africa you can’t leave before you have had some “Shisa Nyama” – basically barbequed meat, served with pap(maize) and chakalaka. Its a burst of flavours and something we South Africans are truly proud of. There are different food markets which are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays .Here you could expect to find lots of different stalls serving delicacies from all over Africa . It’s a good idea to try and pop in.

    If you’re keen to hike or get in some exercise then there are some great nature reserves such as Faerie Glen Nature Reserve and Groenkloof Nature Reserve. The sunrise really is stunning from the peak of the hiking trail.

    The overall costs are fair. You can expect to pay about R250 (rands) per person for a 3-course meal at a decent restaurant.

    Pretoria is definitely a city worth visiting.

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