The Roundhouse


3.6/5 OVERALL SCORE:  Located in Beacon, New York, a town 1.5 hours outside of Metro New York, The Roundhouse is an elegant hotel option with modern amenities and an excellent restaurant and bar. The roundhouse is the perfect option for a weekend getaway with your special someone!  To read more details of things to do, places to eat, and nightlife options in Beacon, be sure to check out our FREE curated City Guide for Beacon and Poughkeepsie.



4.0/5 LOCATION:  The Roundhouse Hotel overlooks a small waterfall located at the edge of Main Street in Beacon, NY.  The location is a perfect blend between being amongst the action and secluded at the same time.  The hotel is close enough to the heart of the city that the restaurants and bars are within walking distance however removed enough to get a peaceful night rest away from the town.


4.0/5 VIBE:  Industrial chic. The Roundhouse Hotel has a very cool industrial feel reminiscent of its warehouse roots.  From the outside, the Roundhouse looks like nothing more than an old warehouse that may have gotten forgotten during the modernization. From the inside, however, the Roundhouse is unassumingly modern and comfortable with all of the modern amenities and rustic charm such as exposed brick walls.


3.5/5 AMENITIES:  With the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley waterfall right outside of the Roundhouse hotel’s walls, not many amenities are needed.  The hotel has outdoor terraces to enjoy the waterfall and natural beauty of the area as well as nearby hiking. Take your workouts outside as this hotel does not have a gym.


3.5/5 ROOMS:  Rooms at the Roundhouse are very simply appointed with exposed brick walls.  Because the hotel was a converted warehouse, there was a bit of a chill during our fall visit. If you’re anything like me you can appreciate nice toiletries, so you’ll also appreciate the lather bath products


4.0/5 FOOD AND LIBATIONS:  The roundhouse has a beautiful bar on site with amazing chandeliers framing the bar, and a modern fireplace with architectural accents throughout.  Additionally there is a “whole farm” restaurant on site which celebrates all of the culinary treasures of the Hudson Valley. With all of the amazing food options in Beacon you are not limited to the hotel restaurant. Walk a short distance over to Hudson Valley Brewery and sample some of the sour beers on tap or saunter down to the Kitchen Sink for a eclectic take on farm-to-table.    


2.5/5 AFFORDABILITY AND VALUE:  The number of hotels in Beacon is somewhat limited, and the Roundhouse is one of the nicer hotels in the area, it is quite pricey.  This hotel can run you upwards of $400/night on the weekends. For cheaper rates, look to stay on a week night rather than weekend.

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