Gap Year 1-1 Are you Chicken??

We all have different opportunities presented to us at numerous times in our lives but you know what, sometime we are just too chicken to take advantage of them.  Yeah I said it. You, me, us, we just get so comfortable in our daily routine, in the safety of the known, that we just want to maintain it. Even if what we are maintaining sucks or if we think there is something better out there for us. Better to be unhappy in what we know versus the potential of being even unhappier in the unknown.


Well, let me tell you a little bit of my routine and what is known. I am a consultant and as glamorous as it may sound, what that really means is long hours, constant traveling, early mornings, being away from loved ones, constantly playing the “game”, and walking on water for your clients. (that was a Jesus reference btw)




In the 2 years before I gave the deuces to my job, I would wake up a 5 a.m. every Monday morning (after hitting the snooze button one too many times) and then rush to the Atlanta airport to be herded through the security line with so many other walking dead consultants.  I would take a weekly 5 hour flight to sunny San Diego, which had beautiful weather btw, but then work 10-12 hours day, so never really getting to enjoy it. 


Then, I would grab some food after work, say I was going to gym but rarely did, call my girlfriend and talk to her for 1-2 hours while I sat it my hotel room and then hit repeat until Thursday.  On Thursday there was a glimmer of light that the weekend was near but sometimes it would be decimated if I had to take a red-eye back.  If you ever wanted to see an angry black man then come see me when I get off that 5 hour red-eye at 6:30 am.



Do I look happy to you??

I was just mad at the world. Even after taking a nap when I got home, my internal clock was just completely disrupted so I was cranky all weekend.  This was my routine and this was what I was holding on to. Sounds terrible doesn’t it?


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