Chiang Rai, Thailand

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 out of 1 review
Things To Do
Local Food
Traveling While Black

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    18 Nov 2019
    Things To Do
    Things To Do
    Local Food
    Traveling While Black

    When researching how to plan our 2 weeks vacation in Thailand, we wanted to experience something more than just the overly touristy cities. We wanted to see the difference between north and south so we started our journey in Chiang Mai. Originally we planned on spending 6 days there but decided once we were in Chiang Mai that we wanted to see what Chiang Rai is all about and boy were we pleasantly surprised. It’s only a 3 hour bus ride and it was worth it. There, you can visit the famous white and blue temples. There are plenty of places that offer tours but we are more on the adventurous side and opted to take the public transport that cost only 20baht to the white temple and 15 baht for the blue temple line. A tuk tuk is 100 baht. We went to the blue temple in the evening so we opted for the tuk tuk on the way back. The buses leave at the main train station next to the night market. The temples are breathtaking. To visit the blue one there is no fee but the white one costs 100 baht (roughly $3). Both can be visited in one day.
    Of you love to eat, I strongly suggest not skipping the night market. There is something for everyone. Not only the food is amazing but its ridiculously cheap. The night market behind the train station has stands that offer delicious hot pot and you can choose meat, seafood or a mix of both. The Saturday night market/walking street was a delight. Besides eating your way through blocks of food stands, you can stop on the square and enjoy free live entertainment and dancing, get a 30min (70baht) or a full hour (140baht) massage right there on the street. After all that food, you will not regret a vigorous Thai massage to finish off the evening.
    Another must do activity is to spend a day at an elephant sanctuary. We chose a full day tour with Elephant steps. They picked us up from our air bnb in the morning. Cost for the day was 2500 baht/person. Transportation and lunch included. We accompanied the elephant through the jungle at their own rhythm, fed them, and in the end bathed with them. We chose Elephant steps because the proceeds also go to the village and they provide supplies to the villagers. They also provide for 400 kids and 50 older adults in the community. In addition to the 3 elephants they care for daily, they also have 40 rescue dogs and counting, geese, pigs, chicken, donkeys, etc. Although it’s a bit pricier than other elephant sanctuaries, we were happy to know that our money was put to good use.
    If you’re a cat lover, grab a coffee at cat’n’acup cat cafe (I counted 24 cats when we were there). As a black traveler, I feel 100% at ease and everyone was friendly. We stayed at an air bnb and it cost only 13$/night. I would definitely go back to Chiang Rai again and recommend it to black travelers.

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