Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

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 out of 4 reviews

4 Reviews

  1. author
    06 Dec 2019
    Traveling While Black

    I traveled to Kinshasa in the DRC. On my first day, I went sightseeing, and ended up at the Congo river which separates Kinshasa and Brazzaville. As you navigate through the city, you’ll come across a number of military camps, the proximity might come across as a culture shock.
    On the 2nd day, I grabbed lunch at a local eatery and enjoyed Tembo beer, and a plate of fufu & fumbwa, (a popular Congolese dish which consists of wild spinach, palm oil and fish). Communication was a nightmare as I’m not french speaking, the locals were not accommodating and this restricted my movements and plans. If you want to unearth a few hidden gems, I suggest you have a clear itinerary in place and connect with a local guide. I am an African, Africa lives within me, and for that reason I’ll be travelling back to rediscover what I might’ve missed.

  2. author
    05 Nov 2019
    Local Food

    One of the best restaurants in Kinshasa is “Chez Flore”. You’ll local dishes for an affordable price. One of the city’s street food specials is the goat meat with mayonnaise, trust me you don’t want to miss that. The “Kwilu bar” is a great spot if you wanna socialize and meet other tourists/expats while enjoying a cocktail in a nice setting.

  3. Anto.nanasi
    12 Oct 2018
    Things To Do

    Thing to do if you go to Kinshasa: – first and foremost go to the Park of the Valley of N’ Sele. It is the magnificent place which proposes diverse activities among which Tyrolean that I was lucky enough(had the opportunity) to make. You go has to see a breathtaking view(sight) on all the park. You also have the possibility of discovering the animals which live there: lions, zebras, crocodiles, antelopes, giraffes, hippopotamuses and recently rhinoceros. It is them whom I was lucky enough(had the opportunity) to see. In everything there are more than 17 sorts(species) of animals! They are free for the greater part in the park putting except for the lions, who for their part hold(detain) 50 hectares. The Park is recent, it opened its doors in June, 2018. Soon you can even stay there because the construction of Lodge is planned. Besides the restaurant is really delicious! The park is at 45 minutes of the center of Kinshasa. I recommend strongly! – Lola Ya Bonobo: inescapable Place if you are in the capital. The sanctuary of bonobos is a small haven of peace where we can discover Bonobos. Nearby you can take advantage of small falls of Lukaya!
    – The Academy of Arts of Kinshasa: of magnificent works of art are emphasized in this place. Numerous events are celebrated here moreover. During my stay we were able to attend the fair of the Agriculture which I also recommend (she took place in September).

    Food :
    – Chez Flore : If you are looking for a place where you can eat locally, this is the place!

  4. author
    06 Oct 2018
    Things To Do

    My home, DRC Congo,

    I love traveling to Congo because I am congolese ?.
    I’m not born there thats why I always like to discover new places.
    You need a Visa for DRCongo, Kinshasa is the Capital.
    Solo travelers should not stay in Kinshasa because there is not much things to do alone, but you’ll enjoy in a group or for party’s. Kinshasa is also the capital of african music.
    I went to the province of Bas Congo after Kinshasa 3hours by taxi (4$).
    People in the village don’t have a lot. No tv, no electricity and they don’t need it, they’re happy.
    I paid for my Hotel in MbanzaNgungu 15$/ night.
    One of the employes showed me how they do fishing, hunt and cook.
    I enjoyed the amazing landscape and waterfall in Zongo & Vampa.
    If you like to discover other cultures, real african cultures this is for you.
    PS. excuse my english

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