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 out of 15 reviews

15 Reviews

  1. author
    24 Aug 2020
    Things To Do

    If your down to party all night Ibiza Spain is the place for you. My friend and I went for our birthdays in August 2019 and it was beautiful. We stayed at a small boutique hotel close to city center of Ibiza, near by the beach d ‘en Bossa and all the party night clubs. The hotel is called Mim Ibiza Es Vivé. One thing I can say Is that the rooms are very small if you know about European hotel rooms but We made it work. We also had a hotel Mercedes Van that would take us to and from places with an extra charge. When you are there you must ask for Urit at the front desk he is from Bahamas and was so much help during our stay. I recommend this hotel to anyone . Most hotels are pretty expensive and this is the best one we could find that still was a bit luxury in our price range.

    As far as activities go all we did was party and go to a different beach clubs and really decide see on our own we didn’t do any snorkeling or any shots we kind of didn’t wanna plan our trip we kind of wanna just live there and go with the flow type of deal. One of the beach club that I do recommend that was about 20 minutes away it’s called O Beach. It’s a daytime beach party and on different days they have different events like acrobats or people in costumes walking around and it’s like a pool party. I definitely recommend this place and you can see on my Instagram highlights under “Ibiza” this party and how Poppin it was.

    We also went to topless beach, Playa SES SALINES, first time at a nude beach so we we were uncomfortable at first but then we just let loose. It felt so free like no one was staring at us and making us feel uncomfortable.. A guy came around and gave us a foot massage as the sunset most relaxing thing ever.

    One of my favorite things to do there was a go to old Ibiza town, Dalta Avila ,A must see!!! We had no tour guide we just walked around this gravel stone old town and it was so beautiful full of beautiful flowers, reminded me of Greece. It is can be tiring because your walking up and down different stairs Streets like a maze but they are restaurants throughout that you can stop by and have a drink and little shops. Very Instagram worthy!!!

    Night life club scenes is popping . I didn’t hear much hiphop music but more of rave techno disco vibe . One club we went to What is a super club called HÏ , it had 4 different clubs inside and the restroom had a dj and dance floor inside of it !!! Crazy experience we walked home at 7 am that morning . Another place we went to was LIO , a dinner on a Yatch were they had a live burlesque style show !! Super fun. It was on a marina with all the Yachts and designer stores.

    Overall Ibiza was a great experience we had the most fun of our lives without planning anything. I definitely want to go back but just visit a different area this time maybe stay on the o beach side where it’s a little more luxury but great time for our birthday.

    For pictured and videos of Mim Hotel, old Ibiza town, O beach club, and super club Hï, and more visit my Instagram page under highlights “ Ibiza” @beaute_tue

  2. EVH
    10 Mar 2020
    Things To Do

    I went to Ibiza last October for my friends 30th birthday so needless to say it was the off season but it was still really hot! We were there for Halloween, and while it is a beach city/town and a lot of places were closed because they are only open in season we still had a good time! The Halloween party we went to was SO dope! There were other options of places to party as well and because the island is so small, it didn’t take us long to get anywhere. The cab system on the island is a little different, you can call a number to request a cab to have them come pick you up at bus stop locations near the street, but cabs, even if empty do not always stop to let you in, b/c they are headed to pick people up, so you do have to order one especially the later it gets and you better have service to be able to place a call. The customer service agents speak basic English so it is somewhat difficult to tell them your location but hopefully you have enough keywords that they will know the general area you are talking about to schedule a ride. Because it was Halloween places were open kinda late but not for food, mostly drinks like wine, tea and coffee. The club we went to was called HEART and it was HUGE! Plenty of space on both floors, mixed crowd and different music options in different sections on each floor. The drinks were kind of expensive but you can always pregame! Liquor stores were available but closed early so hit up the grocery stores instead, they sell hard liquors and wines. Anyway, I highly recommend Ibiza, the beach was quiet, clean and peaceful, quiet since it was the off season and the water was clear and beautiful. I wish I could have stayed longer!

  3. author
    09 Dec 2019

    Welcome to IBIZA! Ibiza is only 3hours Flight from Germany or few minute from Barcelona.
    Ibiza is for Weekend, Ibiza is like my Miami you go there to forget the stress and have a good time.
    I use to go to Ibiza every 2 weeks on Weekends When I was living Back Home to Germany.
    You will meet People from everywhere and they Are cool People. In every Restaurant you can get amazing food. Don’t worry about your Skin color they don’t care about you they just want to make Money or have fun. We use to go to PACHA, PACHA is the best Club in IBIZA. They Play House Music, some of Club they Play blackMusic.

    If you want you can Party in “Oceanbeat Ibiza boat party” you pay 20€-70€ depends Where you get your ticket. And the Drinks are for free.

  4. author
    04 Dec 2019
    Things To Do

    Ibiza is a short flight over from Barcelona and you honestly don”t need more than three days to have a great time. We chose to go during the first week of October which is perfect if you want to save a little money and the crowds are slightly smaller. Fortunately, we were able to attend O Beach’s closing party and it was nothing short of a great time. This is an event that can go from day party to full on evening party depending on how well you pace yourself. Make sure you wear your favorite bikini, and trendy cover up and comfy shoes! Joe Spoons is a great place with decent drink specials and a break from house/EDM music. Cafe del Mar is talked about all the time when speaking of Ibiza and it doesn’t disappoint. The sangria is phenomenal and a better deal to order the entire pitcher. Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel is the best IG friendly, colorful, good time mixed in with ocean views. Another place I would suggest ordering an entire pitcher of sangria because it’s a better deal. The hotel bar is relaxing with great service and steps aways from the ocean. The closing season offers lots of deal and chances to see more things. Surf Lounge was a really nice spot with a Flow Rider for those that crave adventure as well as pool and bar. S’Escalinata hands down is the best place to go to watch the sunset, have a refreshing cocktail and amazing guacamole. Keep in mind Ibiza is definitely pricey compared to other places in Spain.

  5. author
    02 Oct 2019
    Things To Do

    IBIZA in 3 days!
    Where to stay: We stayed in the Ibiza Old Town in a hostal called Hostal Ripoll Ibiza it worked out to 106 euro a night, it wasn’t anything fancy but we had our own room and shower and got fresh towels so it was good considering the time we went which is September and although not as busy as July still busy as the weather is still very good!
    What to do Day 1: Around old town you can walk around and we went up Catedral de Eivissa which is a walk but the view from the top of the cathedral is spectacular, this you can do in the afternoon before party time
    Party: We booked a boat party ticket through Float Your Boat which includes a boat party and entrance to Hi Ibiza and Ocean Club. The boat departs in San Antonio and a bus takes about an hour from Ibiza old town and only costs around 2-3 euros. The boat party includes free drinks (sangria, prosecco and beer) and it lasts about 4 hours. There’s a DJ on the boat and it really is great fun! After a few drinks everyone becomes friends! The sunset from the Boat is amazing! The boat returns to shore at around 8pm where you have 3 hours free time (i did think this was too much but luckily there was a night market on so it was not that bad) at 11pm a bus takes you Hi Ibiza, on this night Black Coffee was the DJ and it was so much fun! (Tip: use the 3 hours of free time to walk around the bars and get drinks as drinks at the Hi Ibiza club are pricey)
    Day 2: On the second day we went to O Beach which is also in San Antoni like a beach club with amazing views , this is a day thing that turns into a night thing so we got there at 12
    Day 3: Relaxing day! Yes you can relax in Ibiza! We took a ferry to Formentera island as it has one of the nicest beaches in Ibiza, the ferry cost us 20 euro. Just a tip the ferry drops you at the port and you need to find you way to the beach so you can hire a motocycle or car or get a cab or go by bus. Remember your drivers licence! This beach was amazing!

  6. author
    01 Oct 2019

    I stayed in San Antonio at the Ibiza Rocks hotel, however there are a number of different hotels within the area. A lot of people say that the music in Ibiza is just house but a group of us went for a Soca event so luckily we didn’t hear any house music which was good.

    If you are looking for a non party island then I would not suggest going to Ibiza lol. Most things are close by however you may need to catch the odd taxi here or there which can be expensive if you are on your own. There is also a option to get a water taxi to different point of the island which is very cheap, we used this to go to Cala bassa beach which has crystal clear water and an amazing atmosphere. I would suggest bringing a cooler and a few snacks as the restaurants on the beach can be pricey and you are limited to what you can eat.

    The crowds were fun with lots of great energy, abs were on display, and everyone was there to have a good time. Ibiza is literally a 30-40min flight from Barcelona so it’s a no-brainer. You have to experience the madness at least once!

  7. Sejiro
    10 Jul 2019
    Things To Do

    If you’re looking for a city to turn up a bit and have a good time with the fellas or ladies, Ibiza may be the town for you. Now let’s make one thing clear, Ibiza is known for being one of the biggest party cities in the world and it probably is. However, the party scene is dominated by house music; but for my friends and I that genre of music didn’t particularly work for us. With that said, we still had a good time and experienced a scene that was probably semi-new to all of us. On another note, we also found time to explore Ibiza for some adventure by driving through the entire island and climbing rocks to the beautiful views of Es Verde Rock. Lastly, if you have some downtime and are looking for some relaxation check out Hacienda Na Xamena. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

  8. Ayee_Mula
    29 May 2019

    I went to Ibiza, Spain and it was an amazing experience. I chose to stay in a 1 bedroom villa where I had my own suite in the Ibiza island area through our “Haywire Weekend” which worked out to about $1550 per person. I know very pricey. Ibiza is definitely a nightlife oriented area. Ibiza there are lots of beaches, restaurants and nightclubs to do. I would not recommend the food because who needs to eat when you’re partying hard! In addition, we had personal drivers and shuttles look out for us and take to and back to our villa from our outings. “Haywire Weekend” had a yacht take us off to sea for insane yacht party. I felt very safe the entire time i was in Ibiza, Spain. As for “travelling while black” everyone on the trip was of some part in some way of fine black excellence and excelling in their careers making it a wonderful experience. “Haywire Weekend” was very nice & made us feel at home with no problems.

  9. author
    25 Mar 2019
    Traveling While Black

    Ibiza is an ideal travel locale for solo travelers. I visited in 2017, and enjoyed myself so much that I went back in 2018! As a solo traveler, my safety is ALWAYS of utmost importance! I felt safe and secure walking the streets, laying out at the beach, trying various restaurants, shopping, and hanging out amongst other party-goers. The people of Ibiza are quite friendly, so asking for directions was not an issue.

  10. Jesstravel
    11 Nov 2018

    I turned 30 here. And let me tell you… IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Not only did I party a lot! (There are parties every night with the worlds biggest Djs) but I also found adventure diving in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Water so clear you can see the bottom! The food was amazing! All the fresh seafood and paella a girl could want. And plenty of topless beach time to relax and reflect on my milestone birthday.

  11. ilovesandyb
    06 Nov 2018

    If you single and jus got out of a relationship. Ibiza is for you. Best island for singles… you’ll have best time of your life believe me!!! You’ll have the time of your life. So much to do in the day n even more during the night. That Island never sleeps and you shouldn’t too.. partied the whole 7 days there. It was truly amazing…

  12. author
    05 Nov 2018

    If you want to have a nice wholesome vacation filled with museums and sightseeing, don’t go here lol. Go to Ibiza if you want to party until 7am, sleep for 3 hours to start getting ready for the next day party. Simple put, if Vegas were an island, this would be it.

    I stayed in San Antonio which had quite a few popular clubs in the area and seemed pretty central to things. Although I would say the most expensive part of my vacation were the taxi rides. No matter where you stay, you’ll have to eventually take a taxi because things are somewhat spread out.

    The crowds were fun with lots of great energy, abs were on display, and everyone was there to have a good time. Ibiza is literally a 30-40min flight from Barcelona so it’s a no-brainer. You have to experience the madness at least once!

  13. luthexplorer
    31 May 2018

    Ibiza the party capital of the world. I traveled to Ibiza solo and wouldn’t of done it any other way. It’s a beautiful island off the coast of Spain that can be reach by air 30-40 minute flight or by boat in 2 hours. While visiting Ibiza I stayed in San Antonio at Ibiza’s budget beds. Incredible location, safe, super clean, CHEAP, and the staff was super friendly. I spent the days either at the beach or touring the island there is tons to do. I was visiting during the last weekend in May so the nightlife was out of this world. I party at Amneisa from 4pm to almost 5am it was insane. Highly recommend Ibiza on your European vacation list.

  14. Erica
    05 Apr 2018

    I would recommend staying at Amistat Hostel if you are looking for a nice place to meet people if traveling alone or in a small group. Hostels are typically a really affordable way to travel also. At Amistat they schedule activities for you and even have events and parties at the hostel. It was a nicer experience than I expected. There is also a poor and a bar inside the hostel. I stayed in a room with 4 other ladies but you can reserve a coed room or even an all male room if you would like. Just be sure to have a carry one size suitcase so that you can fit it in your locker. Be sure to bring your own towels, toiletries and lock for your locker. It was close to the beach also which I loved. I met a lot of great people there that I still keep in contact with.

  15. author
    25 Jan 2018
    Things To Do

    Ibiza is arguably the party capital in the world. The best time to visit Ibiza is from May to October when high temperatures hover in the mid-70s and mid-80s and the party crowd descends. The months between November and April are considered low season. There are a lot of things to do apart from partying, there is a scuba diving center, you can go para sailing, rent a jet ski, flyboard, snorkeling and a whole lot of water activities. Ibiza is a very affordable destination.
    P.S If you want to enjoy the free clubs, Stay in San antoni Ibiza

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