Pemberton, British Colombia

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    Boy Versus World
    10 Aug 2018
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    There isn’t a huge amount other than outdoorsy/adventure type things to do in you’re in the Pemberton area. If you’re looking for things to do at night or outdoor activities that involve skiing and snow related activities, then Whistler is just a short drive away. My main reason to visit Pemberton was to visit Joffre Lakes Provincial Parks. There are so many gorgeous provincial parks in British Columbia. I kind of wish I lived closer to BC in order to visit them all.

    There are a lot of natural glaciers and glacial waters that when you go back and look at the photos you take along the trails, they really won’t require a lot of editing since it’s just naturally THAT beautiful.

    There are 3 lakes at Joffre Lakes park so you get 3 bangs for your buck. Of course, it’s free but there is sometimes limited parking so they earlier you arrive the better. This also goes with if you’re trying to camp as there are limited campsites.

    The hike itself I would say was intermediate. It’s not easy but also not super hard. The mosquitoes though……..were no joke. The bumps didn’t arise until much later when I got back into the U.S. and boy were they huge!!

    The drive to the park and also along to Whistler is a wonderfully relaxing drive, so even if you don’t visit any parks, it is still a fun drive. You can swim in most of the lakes but just be aware that the water may be super cold as it’s coming directly off a glacier.

    I wrote a post about visiting Joffee Lakes here:

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