Gap Year 1-4: The Opportunity (WTH is a Gap Year???)

So my buddy and I got the travel bug when we were college roommates at Georgia Tech. We took a cruise to the Bahamas for Spring Break in 2007 and then the floodgates opened. We were addicted to travel and went on trip after trip after trip.


I mean from going to Cuba illegally before Obama made his historic trip, to playing Mas in Trinidad Carnival and no knowing a single soul there (highly inadvisable lol),


or making our way to the ruins of Machu Picchu,


We have seen a lot of countries together. After going on so many trips and talking to so many non-Americans we always heard this reoccurring theme of a gap year. Our first response was “Ummmm, What’s a gap year?”.
A gap year is break the many Europeans and Australians take to travel the world after graduating from secondary school and before they take a job. It is an amazing opportunity where it gives individuals the ability to become global citizens and reflect on what they really want out of life.



Some people do the gap year and decide that they want to stay in that country and work as a professional or as a surf instructor. Some people do a gap year and go to just about every country in South America or Asia. The idea is that they learn about the world before they put their heads down in an office or any job for the next 30+ years, something I think Americans can really learn from.

So after hearing all of this insightful information since 2009, are question to ourselves was , why not us?!!!  Do you think you would ever take a gap year? Comment below.

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