Gap Year 1-5: Planning For A Reckless Experience at 30

So from the moment we learned what a gap year was in 2009, we started planning and saving for our own. I mean honestly we didn’t know if we ever would do it but we knew we wanted to. It also wasn’t a specific plan just something we kept in the back of our minds.  Well, it was in the back of our minds until January 2015.  You see, this trip would cost a significant amount of money (and still did) but since both my buddy and I were consultants we always planned on using Delta’s Around the World Ticket to help keep costs down.



For 180,000 miles we could get to just about every continent in the world with only paying taxes (a few hundred bucks).  Well, on that fateful date in January, Delta forced our hand and really made us put up or shut up.


As I was just paroozing the internet one Saturday afternoon I just got the urge to start looking for flight deals. I went on Delta’s site to check what trips I could get with points.  I remember I started to daydream about the possibilities of a gap year and then something caught my eye….Delta’s around the world ticket program is expiring!!!  Wait, it’s expiring?!!! Wait, it’s expiring in literally 2 days!!! <mouth drop>. Are you #@^&$ kidding me.



My heart fell out of my chest.  Using Delta’s RTW ticket was the only “affordable” (and I use that term loosely) option for us do the gap year.  So no RTW ticket means no Gap Year!!  I immediately called my boy and we had a long phone call and kind of just went back and forth with each other and were like are really doing this?  We aren’t in our mid-20’s anymore we are grown men that are about to be 30.  Are we going to quit our jobs?



I mean no job means no income, we have both had serious girlfriends, we both have mortgages, this trip is cost a grip, wait so……..are we really doing this????


[Also, yes Delta’s Around The World Ticket did expire but there are still some other airlines out there that still allow around the world ticket on points. We got you!!  They are as follows:  AeroMexico,  Korean Air,   Aeroplan,  Lufthansa,  Singapore Airlines,  United Airlines,  British Airways,  Cataha Pacific,  and Japan Airlines]


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