Gap Year 1-6: The Decision – To Leave Bae or Stay for Bae

Man oh man ish got real that day lol.  I always told my girlfriend that a gap year was a possibility in the future but even I didn’t believe it to some degree. I mean, does it really make sense for a 30 year old man to recklessly leave his job to pursue some farfetched passion or dream?  Ugh!! What to do?!!


The very same day we figured out that we had 48 hours to make a decision,  I had an emergency meeting with my buddy.  It was game time. We were nervous, we were scared, and we were mad at Delta for springing this on us and discontinuing the program with points. 



We spent hours going over the pros and cons of going on the trip. We would constantly pace back and forth in my living room and ask each other question after question.  What about our girlfriends? How do we tell our girlfriends?


What about our jobs? Do we like our jobs? How does this ticket even work? Can we afford this?   If we do it, we are saying “Yes” to an amazing opportunity but also “Yes” to a very uncertain future with our girlfriends, jobs, income, and life!!


If we say “No” we are saying we want to be comfortable and play it safe. We are saying we want to go back to jobs that we don’t really care for but, hey, at least it doesn’t disrupt the routine.  Everyone is happy except us.  Both options kind of suck lol.  What would you choose if you were in our shoes?


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