Gap Year 1-7: Selfish or Self-Worth To Leave Your Girlfriend Behind

After significant deliberation, and I do mean significant, our eventual decision to do the gap year was ultimately a “Yes”.  Now, I can’t speak for him as to his rationale for still choosing to do the gap year, but from my perspective, it was doing something for the betterment of me.


Now some people, specific people, (yeah I am jabbing) thought this choice was very selfish. And you know what they may be right. It is selfish to go after your dreams.  I have dated a beautiful, committed girlfriend for 3 years and now I am about to bounce for at least 6 months.


She definitely wasn’t happy about it and she didn’t want me go. But I can’t lie, in my mind I would have loved for her to say if this is important to you then it also is important to me and just support me through it. However, that obviously didn’t happen lol and I can’t blame her. I mean our relationship was literally on the chopping block so I can definitely understand the concern.


So this is a legit question.  Was this decision selfish or more about self-worth or is there even a difference? (add a comment and let me know).   I really want to know what people think.

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