Gap Year 1-8: Why I Chose…

Yes, I decided to choose me and do the Gap Year. I am interested to see people’s comments and response but let me now share a bit more of my rationale. Saying “Yes” to the gap year was me deciding to not self-sacrifice for the sake of someone else’s happiness (mostly my girlfriend) for a unique and life changing experience.  This sounds harsh as hell but hear me out (I love you baby!!).


Deciding to not do this would have been a detriment to myself and more than likely to us.   Saying “Yes” to the gap year, for me,  was an inward and outward proclamation to myself that I was not a slave to my job or slave to what American society says I should be (umm do you know what America thinks of me..I am a black man by the way).


I mean can you  imagine if I thought the opposite? So if I said hey baby I will stay back for us but I am going to feel like a slave to my job and also feel like I need to live up to what American society says I am.  Umm, bro, that’s not healthy.  And honestly, that’s how I started to feel being in corporate American for so long.  I just saw a not so good future on the horizon and I had to do what I thought was best to stop that.  I needed a rest clock.


Another reason I chose to do the gap year is that I am hoping this can inspire others. A black Bajan-American male from the ghettos of Boston who sometimes ate bread and butter for dinner (btw bread and butter is off the chain) because there was no alternative and had to keep the oven open to keep the house warm some nights is going to travel to all 7 continents on a gap year.  Umm, you said what sir?  So another words I am saying if I can do it, you can do it.

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