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 out of 1 review
Things To Do
Local Food
Traveling While Black

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    03 May 2020
    Things To Do
    Things To Do
    Local Food
    Traveling While Black

    Flew directly into Nice. This turned out to be a good jumping off location to get to other cities. I decided to rent a vehicle to drive to St. Tropez my first day there. What an adventure. The locals drive a bit wild but I survived the drive.  There are a few tolls along the way, not bad, 8 euros each way. It is rumored to take a long time to actual enter the city during peak season (something like 3 hours for the last 10 miles ekkk!) so I am glad I went when I did In early June.  Walked around the city, saw some yachts that were like cruise ships almost! Most of the people there only “summer” in the city…I need to get my life cause that is clearly where I am supposed to be! lol! Naturally all the restaurants on the boardwalks are pricey but you can’t buy the view you get anywhere.  All the postcard pics are accurate! I tried to find a fancy souvenir for myself but it was to early in the season.  #sadface I must need a second trip! Enjoyed a nice dinner at a little spot called “Pablos”. Definitely showed up when the place was empty and they asked about reservations.  This is very common practice in Europe. That said if you can make reservations try to do that. Last note for this day, gas stations close early!  ugh!  Spent about 40 mins trying to get fuel in Nice before returning the rental!  Hot mess!  oh well.

Friday I spent in Eze and Monaco!!!! Ok so in Eze they have a cute perfumery called “Fragonard” small place but they make some nice scents. I didn’t pre book a tour I just popped in a joined a group, the tour was free. The tour is pretty much a quick walk thru, 15 mins or so to get you in the shop. Prices were minus the VAT and similar to what you will find in duty free.  If you want to wait there is a shop in the airport as well. It’s right next to Laduree!  The best place for macarons ever! Try the salted caramel. I purchased some perfume and soaps, all very nice.  Outside they have a gorgeous rose bush that they actually use for the perfumes and a Ferrari experience, I posed by it but didn’t partake.
Headed up to another small perfume place called “Galimard”. Equally lovely scents made locally. They have a person who will directly create a scent for you, she was out the day I was there and I didn’t find the time to return.  (another reason why I will need to go back at some point).  I grabbed some souvenirs for the family and headed off to Monaco!

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