Top 5 Users in 2018!!


So first off, before we jump into the top 5, if you left a review on the site we are IMMENSELY appreciative that you spent the time to share your experiences. I know many of us love to read reviews but taking the next step to leave your own review is heavier lift.  


So first and foremost if you left even a single review, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! Your tips are helping to create a travel platform like no other that exist on the market and it is truly dedicated to the Black Traveler. You are the real MVP!!


If you would like to leave your own tips that can be shared with our community of travelers, just click this Link and navigate to the destination where you would like to share your experience. Your tip can be a recommendation of something to do or even something to avoid.


So there is no magic formula of how we selected our top 5 users from 2018. Shoot, we actually were curious ourselves so we decided to extract some data from the back-end of the site to see whose names we were always seeing.


I will say it partially has to do with the amount of reviews you have made, the quality of the reviews, specific information you are sharing, and how well you populated your profile etc.  Again, this is just something fun we would thought we would share since we were doing it behind the scenes anyway. Well, let the countdown begin….



#5: Novice Traveler – 1 city review
Countries 1/198 or 1% | Continents 1/7 or 14%

  Instagram: @ms1stlady

Travel Style #1: Adventure-Seeker

Travel Style #2: Foodie

Hometown: New York City

Dream Destinations: Solomon Islands

A Little About Me: Avid Traveler and[Click Link for Her Complete Bio]

Our Take – Shelly takes some amazing photos!! I don’t know what camera she has or if all these photos are done on her iphone but her picture game is strong!! In her tip she gave the inside scoop on the Dune’s Apartment complex from Insecure. As a FYI we are Team Lawrence.


#4: Novice Traveler – 1 city reviews
Countries 3/198 or 1% | Continents 2/7 or 28%


Travel Style #1: Adventure-Seeker

Travel Style #2: History-Buff

Hometown: Cayman Islands

Dream Destinations: Greece, Croatia, Thailand, Dubai

Our Take – Olivia rocks!! She started leaving reviews on the site when we still had some bugs and her tips unfortunately did not save properly. These were some extensive tips too.  Despite the bugs she was willing to re-write them and still made them just as comprehensive. She is just so committed!! We appreciated you!!


#3: Intermediate Traveler -17 city reviews
Countries 15/198 or 7% | Continents 5/7 or 71%

Instagram: @marcusmeetsworld

Travel Style #1: Adventure-Seeker

Travel Style #2: Rest & Relaxation

Hometown: Houston, TX

Dream Destinations: Bali, Indonesia

A Little About Me: I’m Marcus and I love to travel, I hope and plan to [Click Link for Her Complete Bio]

Our Take – Marcus is one of our favorites users. He leaves tips with amazing detail and has continued to add his travel experiences since August. We are always looking forward to see what new tips he adds to the site.  All-Star!!!


#2: Advanced Traveler 23 city reviews
Countries 22/198 or 10% | Continents 4/7 or 57%

 Instagram: @rnstraveltheworld

Travel Style #1: Adventure-Seeker

Travel Style #2: Foodie

Hometown: Miami, FL

Dream Destinations: Luxury African Safari

A Little About Me: I am a cultural mix of Jamaican, Chinese, Afro-American, European, and Native America. Fell in love with [Click Link for Her Complete Bio]

Our Take – She is one of our top reviewers.  What we  love is that she has a mix of extensive and short reviews that still have specifics and are still very helpful to our user community.


#1: Advanced Traveler 30 city reviews
Countries 20/198 or 10% | Continents 5/7 or 71%

Instagram: @Ayesha.monay

Travel Style #1: Adventure-Seeker

Travel Style #2: Foodie

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Dream Destinations: South Africa, Antarctica, Brazil, Galagapos Islands…

A Little About Me: I travel to do exciting things, experience local culture and…My 2 favorite places have been…[Click Link for Her Complete Bio]

Our Take – Ayesha has been an absolute all-star leaving 30 quality city reviews on the site making her the user who has left the most reviews in 2018. Thank you boo!!! 


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