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Top destinations U.S. based travelers can actually go to during COVID? We have a list!

Are you getting cabin fever and looking to find top destinations that U.S. based travelers are actually able to go during COVID? Well you aren’t the only one!!

With all of these global restrictions and the fact that U.S. has really been the worst country to handle COVID-19, times have been tough when looking to travel internationally.  Now the U.S. does have some destinations that you have been probably sleeping on but to be honest we want to get on a plane and get back to traveling internationally.

Mexico has been open for a while and we know Tulum is receiving quite a  bit of attention since first off Tulum is dope, but also because their COVID-19 procedures are on point. Well there are even more destinations to consider if you are bold enough to get on the plane. 

See our latest list of destination open for travel and be sure to CLICK the links below to check out tips of some other Black and Brown Travelers who may have recently traveled there..

We will try our best to keep you up to date.  

Also, did you know we added some new functionality and you can “Book” your hotels, flights, and activities on our site. Check out the “BOOK IT” button at the top of each city listing and you can use brands that you are familiar with.

 Also, when you book your trip using our special links we get a small commission at no additional cost to you that helps us keep the lights on.

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