How to Create a “Successful” Travel Business


Let’s just jump right in.  No build up, just directly to the punch-line.  “Success” is 80% mental and 20% action!!  So instead of focusing so much on the implementation of an idea we really need to focus on the mental state you need to MAINTAIN to see the idea, concept, or business through completion.



You see, problem one, is that all too often when we undertake a potential opportunity, in our minds, “Success” turns into this grandiose mega enterprise.  We think we are about to be the next Amazon or Apple. Or even for me personally, WeWorkToTravel, we think we’re going to be the new Frommers or TripAdvisor.  [Side Note – Check out our FREE curated city guide for Bali and go Live Your Best Life]


Now, having vision and looking for a level of success is one thing but setting your expectations to be a gargantuan organization before you even know what your company is going to be called or before you make your first sale is a major pitfall. Why? Because it limits your ability to compartmentalize your wins and it starts to instill a bad habit of counting other people’s money!!



 What does how many readers Frommers has or how much money TripAdvisor makes have to do with us?  Nothing! Or what does another influencer or travel blogger mean for your “Success”? Nothing. You need to stay in your own lane and count your own successes, however you define that, and then move to your next goal.  


As an example.  I heard this all the time about WeWorkToTravel: “How is your travel business going to make money? Ewww, just ads, not sure how profitable that will be.” or “The market is so saturated, what is going to make you different from your competitors?”  These are all great, tough questions and I took in the feedback but at the end of the day my expectation is not be a Tripadvisor (great if it happen tho lol) but my expectation is to help my community!  Everything else is icing on the cake so I am…”feeling great, feeling good, how are you??!” [OutKast Reference]



We are very content with being another mom and pop shop of travel.  We don’t need to have hundreds of employees or be a top rated travel site to feel that we are winning.  If we can help inspire a single black and brown person to travel more, than that in itself is already a WIN and we do not take that for granted.


Personally, I am also winning because this around the world trip that I took was a Tax Write Off!! Jigga what?!! Yeah, you heard me right!  The tax game is so real that I was able write off my 7 continent trip around the world. I will create a Blog Post or have Webinar on it but for Registered Members Only.  Talking taxes is tricky so we have to protect ourselves.  I also think having a Blog is SO necessary in the 21st century. Check out my 5 reasons why Here. OK, So back to you!




Are you nervous about starting a travel business, spending hours trying to figure out your niche, and then how it will make money?  Or conversely, are you thinking, that traveling makes you happy and you want to share that experience with the world and therefore you just start a blog and see what happens.   


Let’s say you actually don’t have analysis paralysis and you get your blog up. Is your next step to think of how you can get on the Travel Network or be like Anthony Bourdain (RIP), or is it how you can help someone experience a destination you have already traveled to or maybe getting a small sponsored meal.


The key is making smaller, achievable goals and once you reach them, your entrepreneurial swag will be on 100.  This will help keep you motivated and keep the momentum going until you accomplish your next goal.  It sounds simple but sometimes being successful is not only showing up but it is just being content with your own progress.




What are you achievable goals for your business?  List them!! It is just one methodical step in front of the other.  Compartmentalize your wins ladies and gentlemen and a whole world of possibilities that you didn’t think were out there will suddenly appear.  Comment below and let me know if you agree.  


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