5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Blog in the 21st Century!!


Back in the day you couldn’t amass large amounts of wealth unless you had land. Remember serfs and lords in the Middle Ages from your history books? The serfs toiled the land and the lords owned it. There was no upward mobility if you were a serf in this feudal society but if you were a lord you were like Scrooge Mcduck in Ducktales swimming in a buildings filled with coins until the day you died.



Then we come to the Industrial Revolution where the value shifts from land to factories and resources such as oil, metals etc. This was the emergence of the middle class where long hours and deathly conditions could amount to promotions and some level of success. However, the factory owners still made the big bucks!




Now we come to the 21st century which is now the Information Age and this why this period of time is so amazing!! You don’t need land, an oil well, or a factory to be successful all you need is a blog! I mean, I am simplifying down a bit but never in history has the playing field been so level that you don’t need have truckloads of moneys to be successful (even with Trump in office). You just need an idea and then you turn that idea into a blog or an app. Now I prefer blogs vs apps for a number reasons. Check out my post (Should I start a Blog or an App?) to see what I mean.



So this was just setting the scene, now here are the fives reasons why everyone including your mama should have a blog:


1) You Can Get Paid To Have a Diary – I used to have a “journal” growing up because back then guys couldn’t have diaries. In that, I wrote about my day, what I liked and what I didn’t like, girls I had crushes on etc. Essentially, it was a private place where I shared my personal opinions. In this day and age, if I share my personal opinions and keep it in a specific area, I can make money off it!!


If I love mama’s curry chicken and macaroni cheese and I write about it, that is a blog post. If I talk about how I love going to Oistin’s in Barbados and eating their flying fish or grilled tuna, that is a blog post.


It’s crazy to me that an entry of what would’ve been your diary back in 90’s can now make you money lol. So no excuses! Make a diary and put it online and make some money off it. It may not be a lot but remember as I talked about before in a prior post, “How to have a “Successful” Travel Business”, it’s all relative.


Green Book Global


2) Setting Up A Blog is FAST and Can be Done in Minutes – In the early 2000’s, there was usually some type of technical aptitude needed to create a website. Those skills were sorely sought after and still are to this day. However, now with technology you can get templates from sites like Word Press and get your website set up in a minutes. Then you use companies like BlueHost to host your website, and you are in there!! The game has changed with how easy it is to set up a blog on the internet. Check out our other post that walks your through the 10 steps to set up your Blog. We aren’t playing games here lol, get her done.

Green Book Global


3) It’s Cheap!! – Not only is it super duper easy to have a blog it’s hella cheap. You are not paying rent for a Brick and Mortar store, you don’t have to manufacture a product and then worry about distribution (although Amazon makes this much easier). I mean the most you need is a logo, a hosting provider, and a website template which you can get all for under $100. So yes, just like that you created a business in 10 minutes or less and for $100 or less. Doesn’t get much better than that.


<alt=”Green Book Global” img class=”aligncenter” src=”https://media.giphy.com/media/S7xFS8D6gVNkI/giphy.gif” width=”377″ height=”376″ />

[OK it is NOT this cheap. Don’t steal from Jesus please..lol]


4) It’s therapeutic – If you completely hate writing, then I would advise you not to start a blog. Otherwise, if you don’t mind, then having a blog is kinda therapeutic. You get to write about what you like. If you like sneakers, write about them, if you love gardening, write about having a green thumb, if you love travel then write about your last destination.


The point here is that you should be writing about things you like so it doesn’t necessarily feel like work.  You can be as professional or lax as you want, you can use slang or not use slang, the choice is yours. Think about something that keeps you up at night or something you find yourself daydreaming a lot about and start writing about that. Things don’t have to be perfect. Start your first blog therapy session today!


<alt=”Green Book Global” img class=”aligncenter” src=”https://media.giphy.com/media/3oKIPhnoLyEqAMPL7G/giphy.gif” width=”489″ height=”274″ />


5) You Can Write that Sh#% Off – One things that I love about having a blog portion of the site it is so liberating because I can write about whatever I want (Point #4) and say things like “Write that Sh#% Off” lol. I need to be very delicate here as I am not a CPA or a tax advisor though  (and Trump just changed some tax laws too). I am not giving you tax advice and I am just informing you of what I was able to do with my site after I consulted my own CPA. I am not recommending for you to do anything and you should consult with your own tax-advisor.


Whew! Now that that is done. What I can say, is that that I did write off my trip to all 30 countries and 7 continents due to the development of this platform. It is a business expense, no? Think about it? Well, I hate to be cryptic but I will dive into details later when I host a webinar or create a Blog posting outlining my experiences (For Registered Members Only). I need to keep it private so knuckleheads can’t try to come at me saying WeWorkToTravel told me to do X,Y,Z, nahhh dawg, you ain’t doing that. However, I will ask you this, what is your biggest expense? Is it your car note, rent, a mortgage, your grocery bill, or your taxes?

<alt=”Green Book Global” img class=”aligncenter” src=”https://media.giphy.com/media/nGtOFccLzujug/giphy.gif” width=”383″ height=”312″ />


Hopefully these reasons make sense to you.  If you are thinking about starting a blog, then check out our post 10 Easy Steps To Create Your Travel Blog to help you through the process.

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